Cognitive Dissonance

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Stories from the Week

Parents of children who died in Sandy Hook shooting sue Alex Jones for defamation | TheHill

Alex Jones Claims Attractive Women Tried to Date Him In High School To Convert Him To Satanism | Right Wing Watch

Alex Jones Had A Weekend Meltdown After Trump Announced Syria Airstrikes | Right Wing Watch

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Thank you to Dr. Abby Hafer and Karen Garst for joining us this week. Their links are below.

Stories from the Week

Priest Who Was Arrested Twice for Child Sex Crimes Says Teen Boy “Seduced” Him – Friendly Atheist

Trouble for ‘Oru Adaar Love’: Two Hyderabad residents move SC, say winking is blasphemy in Islam | The Indian Express

Christian Host: Evangelicals Back Trump Because His Oval Office is Scandal-Free – Friendly Atheist

Biblical prophecy claims the Rapture is coming April 23, numerologist says | Fox News

Harry Jackson Says Black Lives Matter Can Never Achieve True Justice Because There Are 'A Few Lesbians' In Leadership Positions | Right Wing Watch

Arizona House Passes Bill Requiring Women Seeking Abortions To Say Why | HuffPost


Karen Garst

Abby Hafer

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Stories from the week


After Getting Booted From YouTube, Rick Wiles Warns That Leftists Will Soon Start Executing Christians | Right Wing Watch


Right Wing Pastor: I Squished An Ant And Then I Raised It From The Dead And Then It Looked At Me [VIDEO] - Joe.My.God.


Alex Jones: 'Globalists' Use Cell Phones To Commit 'Silent, Invisible Holocaust' | Right Wing Watch


EPA's Pruitt Hears From Bible Study Leader That 'Radical Environmentalism' Is A 'False Religion' | Right Wing Watch


Republican governors try to avoid holding special elections - Voting for state legislatures

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Stories From The Week

Fake photo of Parkland student ripping up Constitution goes viral | TheHill

Republican governors try to avoid holding special elections - Voting for state legislatures

At Long Last, Flat Earth Rocketeer Finally Manages to Blast Himself Into Sky at God Knows What Speed

Wayne Allyn Root: Chicago & Baltimore Are 'Third-World Hellholes' Because 'They Don't Practice Capitalism' | Right Wing Watch

Atlanta mom crashes car trying to prove to her kids that God is real



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Stories from the week

John Oliver’s Gay-Bunny Book Is Outselling the Mike Pence Book It’s Trolling | Vanity Fair

Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report

2-year-old girl dies after parents treat her pneumonia with prayers and anointing oil instead of medicine

Stephen Hawking: No, Pope Francis did not convert the atheist before his death - The Washington Post

Televangelist Lance Wallnau Compares Students Protesting For Gun Control With ‘The Brownshirt Hitler Youth’ – Nova Magazine

Head of Christian College: When You See LGBTQ, “Replace Those Letters With ISIS” – Friendly Atheist

Chief rabbi calls black people 'monkeys' | The Times of Israel

Jim Bakker: God-Haters Are Working To Remove All The Crosses From Arlington National Cemetery | Right Wing Watch

Woman Dies Due to Gwyneth Paltrow-Endorsed Bee Sting Acupuncture Treatment – Friendly Atheist



Nickelback Shreds - Photograph

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Stories from the week

Trump floats the idea of creating a 'Space Force' to fight wars in space

Jesus Christianity jailed for Pride Cymru bomb threat - BBC News

Catholic Church opposes Georgia law extending time for sex victims to sue | Boston 25 News

Pat Holliday: Hillary Clinton 'Is The Head Of Witchcraft In The World' | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles Suggests Hillary Clinton Was Behind Recent Poisoning Of Russian Spy | Right Wing Watch

Right-Wing Pastor Says Removal Of Confederate Monuments Is 'Spiritual Preparation' For The Coming Of The Antichrist | Right Wing Watch

Tomi Lahren: Liberals Want To Impeach Trump Because He's 'Too Good' At Being President | Right Wing Watch

From Natalie



From Aaron




From Shane



Dreamer @_enfantterrible: 

"i had a dream were I was being chased by some menace that I believe to be military police. at some point I they caught up to me and tackled me to the ground and held me down. one of them took out a knife and started carving a word on the back of my neck. it was the word happiness"

Tom: This is an Alex Jones rape fantasy 


Dreamer @awesomecanada:

"Alright, so I had a doozy of a dream last night. After scoring some weed at my old HS, that wasn’t really my old HS, I was walking home in the snow when the night sky was filled with spinning UFOs, all alight and humming melodically.  Some celestial beings transported down... 

And we went sledding down hill.  One of the beings, in female human form, got badly injured from sliding into a tree.  We took her to my old church basement, where a preteen dance party was underway, where she changed into her true form.  A 2-headed octopus creature. Then I woke."

Tom: This dream is about your mother. You want to fuck your mother. You need help. 


Dreamer David:

I once dreamt about two bread sticks after eating bread sticks and two bread sticks is 11 so I pretty much predicted September 11....... sorry I would have warned you guys but it happened in 2010.

Tom: This is also am Alex Jones rape fantasy 


Who Is Alex Jones? | Super Deluxe Super Cuts 

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Stories from the week

Far-Right Radio Host Claims Barack Obama Is Forming A Private Army To Assassinate Government Leaders | Right Wing Watch

National Geographic Just Sent Me a Crystal Healing Water Bottle [Updated]

Thank you to David Silverman for being on the show!

President of American Atheists, Author of Fighting God, Creator & Chair of the 2012 Reason Rally.

David Silverman Twitter

American Atheists 2018 National Convention

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Stories from the week

Alex Jones Accused of Sexual Harassment, Bullying at InfoWars - The Daily Beast

Former Infowars employees claim Alex Jones harassed them | Daily Mail Online

Prophets Gather At Trump's Washington Hotel To Unleash Angel Armies On His Deep State Enemies | Right Wing Watch

Former Third-Level Illuminati Witch Predicts The End Times Will Begin In 2032, Once President Pence Leaves Office | Right Wing Watch

Holocaust Denier Will Be GOP Nominee In Congress Race – The Forward

Paul Begley: Obama Is Leading An Illuminati Plot To Assassinate Trump | Right Wing Watch

It's not okay how clueless Donald Trump is about climate change | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

Far-Right Radio Host Claims Barack Obama Is Forming A Private Army To Assassinate Government Leaders | Right Wing Watch 

How God Intervened To Stop Hillary Clinton And Satan From Killing 90 Percent Of Humanity | Right Wing Watch

Wall In a can - YouTube

Which Mammals Don't Get Arthritis (and why) - YouTube

TUNAK TUNAK TUN METAL | Bonde do Metaleiro & Bloodywood - YouTube

Christian Blasphemy Suspect in Pakistan Jumps from Building

‘Pro-lifers’ who’d execute women & popes who hate ‘fake news’

Married Youth Pastor Sexually Abused 14-Year-Old Girl (and His Church Hid It) – Friendly Atheist

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Stories from the week

White christians are so mad that black christians don't vote for people that actively welcome white nationalists. I have no idea why


Gloria Copeland: No Need For Flu Shots Because 'Jesus Himself Gave Us The Flu Shot' | Right Wing Watch

Sessions Has Installed “Religious Freedom” Monitors at U.S. Attorneys’ Offices – Friendly Atheist

"Traditional marriage" lawmaker resigns after allegedly hiring prostitute

Alex Jones: Transgender Rights Activism Is Really About Cyborgs | Right Wing Watch

Pakistan court convicts 31 over campus lynching of student falsly accused of blasphemy

11 Hildale city employees resign, at least one because of religious beliefs |

Kevin Swanson Blames Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Scandal On The Fact That Gymnastics 'Involves A Fair Amount Of Immodesty' | Right Wing Watch

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Seth Andrews joins Tom & Cecil to ruminate on the maniacal vocal stylings of the inimitable Alex Jones.
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Stories from the Week

Jerusalem expert slams Pence for treating his city like an 'end-of-days Biblical theme park'

Mike Pence gas-lights gay people: I never supported conversion therapy

Alex Jones: God Will Destroy ‘Demon Spawn’ CNN Reporter Brian Stelter | Right Wing Watch

UK's First Guide Horse?

Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund


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