Cognitive Dissonance

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Rick Perry's "Strong Ad" Michele Bachmann On Glenn Beck Calls 8 Year Old Boy's Act "Shameless", One Million Moms, N Korea furious at South's Christmas lights plan, Noam Chomsky's "9/11", Atheists Who Go to Church: Doing It for the Children, Followup -Afghan Rapist, Mercy for the drunk Muslim girl gang who attacked woman, Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance, Police: Suspect in Christian pamphlet hit-and-run turns self in, We were interviewed by Patrick Redmond, Skeptics in the Pub Birmingham, it came out last week.

Clips: Bachmann talking about gays from Daily Show, The Simpsons, We wish You a Merry Christmas - by Kevin MacLeod (, President Bush speech after 9/11, Atheists are Parasites - Fox News, Three Stooges, Blood of Jesus - Jesus Camp.

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