Cognitive Dissonance

Notes for week 1/ 07/ 12

Santorum’s wife’s abortion was different, you see, Santorum wants to impose 'Judeo-Christian Sharia', Santorum: No One Has Ever Died Because They Didn’t Have Health Care, Santorum Joins Bachmann, Pledges to Ban Porn, Same-Sex Marriages, Surging Santorum Would Annul All Same-Sex Marriages, Santorum singles out Blacks for entitlement reform, Gingrich defends food stamp comment, And God Said to Pat Robertson…, North Carolina Public School That Offered Bibles to Kids Refuses to Accept Pagan Books, Federal Government Wastes $666,000 To Study the Effectiveness of Praying Away AIDS, Obama Signs Defense Authorization Bill, 15-Year-Old Boy Murdered For “Being a Witch” , ACLU Demands W. Virginia County Stop Funding Annual ‘Jesus Fest’ Event, NEWT SAYS THERE’S INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE, CITING HIS EXPERTISE AS ‘AN AMATEUR PALEONTOLOGIST’

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