Cognitive Dissonance

Kashmiri acid attack victim let down by law

Victim of domestic violence fails to find lawyer

Mother Teresa 'miracle' patient accuses nuns

Conservative radio host says liberals' caused the Aurora shooting, cites bible

The Jim Henson Company splits from Chick-Fil-A over gay marriage rights

500 Attend Vigil for LGBT Member Attacked in Lincoln Home

16-Year-Old Lesbian Brutally Beaten By Group of Men in Kentucky

US evangelical Christians accused of promoting homophobia in Africa

Eagle Scouts return medals over organization’s anti-gay stance

Catholic Priest Sexually Abuses a Woman During Exorcism

3 arrests made in spa therapy deaths

Clips: Sam Harris, Allahu Akbar, Christopher Hitchens, AFA, Michelle Bachmann, Jesus Camp and Blue Suede, Boy Scouts Song, A Few Good Men.

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