Cognitive Dissonance

Todd Akin: It's Not a War on Women, It's a War on Critical Thinking and Democracy 

Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Comment Latest Declaration That Women Are Liars Or Sluts

Missouri Republican official: ‘God chose to bless’ women with pregnancies from rape

Quackery and Mumbo-Jumbo in the U.S. Military

Controversial preacher Todd Bentley refused entry into the UK

Tony Nicklinson's right to die: Change the law

Ruled innocent by judge 2 years ago, Los Angeles man remains in prison

Ramadan fasting dilemma when sun never sets

Girl, 11, Could Face Death in Pakistan for 'Blasphemy'

This week in bronze age ethics: Joshua 6:21

Clips: Todd Akin, allahu akbar, The simposons

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