Cognitive Dissonance
Episode 10: Strategic Level Crackpot Warfare
  • The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare
  • Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit
  • Deliberate ignorance
  • GOP: No tax hikes -- except for the poor
  • Attention Governor Perry: Evolution is a fact
  • Michele Bachmann Takes Issue With 'Radical Environmentalists,' Signals Stance On Minimum Wage
  • Nuclear Explosions hit vast USZ military tunnel network
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  • North Korea's Kim Jong-il in rare Russia visit 
  • Rick Perry: Illegal Immigrants Who Serve In The Military Deserve Citizenship
  • Girl Spanked to Death - Ungodly discipline 
  • Court: Teacher can't be sued over anti-Christian remarks 
  • Perry To Boy: Evolution 'A Theory' With 'Gaps'; Equates It To Creationism 
  • Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution 
  • Rick Perry's College Transcript: A Lot Of Cs And Ds 
  • Sarah Palin's Husband Admits on Video That His Wife Quit Being Governor So She Could Make More Money 
  • US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
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Rachel Maddow Outs MSMs Downplay of Rick Perry’s Extremist Supporters

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