Cognitive Dissonance

Friday the 13th Phobia Rooted in Ancient History

Televangelist Tells Christians to Write in ‘Jesus’ on Election Day

Mexico: Christian fundamentalists burn down a school “possessed by the devil” (video)

State Officials Say It’s Time To Pray For Rain

Controversial religion from Japan finds success in Uganda, infuriating Christian clerics

American Family Association Calls For Boycott Of Google Over Company's Support Of LGBT Rights

SPLC demands hate group stop misusing gay couple’s engagement photo

Pledging Virginity to Dad: A New Doc Explores the World of ‘Purity Balls’

Afghan female rights activist killed in latest act of violence against women

Islamic Clerics Call on Egypt to Destroy Great Pyramids

Anal sex is your passport to paradise – but only if you’re a suicide bomber

Imam arrested on sodomy charges

Report: Cannibal Cult in Papua New Guinea Killed Seven ‘Evil Sorcerers,’ Used Their Penises to Make Soup

Clips: Neil Degrasse Tyson, The Simpsons, Jesus Camp, AFA Vs. Google, Allahu Akbar, A Few Good Men.

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