Cognitive Dissonance

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Long-COVID patients spend their life savings on unproven “blood washing” | Ars Technica

Big Pharma Has Raised Drug Prices 1,186 Times This Year, Analysis Shows

Prosecution rests its case in Steve Bannon trial after calling 2 witnesses

Court approves sale of 43 Catholic church properties to settle abuse victims claims | CBC News

Idaho Republicans Reject Amendment Allowing Abortion to Save Woman's Life

Clarence Thomas opinion sparks House vote Thursday to protect access to contraception | The Hill

Women in Missouri can't get a divorce while pregnant. Many fear what this means post-Roe

Trump pressured top Wisconsin Republican to decertify 2020 results, then threatened him — last week |

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Arrest made in rape of Ohio girl that led to Indiana abortion drawing international attention

Republican AG says he'll investigate Indiana doctor who provided care to 10-year-old rape victim - POLITICO

This is how many lives could have been saved with COVID vaccinations in each state

Allegations of Manosphere Pastor's Gay Past Roil Macho Men

The battle for reproductive rights moves to the front register | Star Tribune

Biden admin to pharmacies: Refusing to fill contraception and abortion pill prescriptions could break federal law - POLITICO

Pregnant woman given HOV ticket argues fetus is passenger, post-Roe

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Interview with David McAfee! 

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10-year-old rape victim forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana for abortion

In trainings, Florida tells teachers that religion belongs in public life

Supreme Court Justices 'Prayed With' Anti-Roe Activist Before Ruling - Rolling Stone

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Herbal Abortions Are Going Viral on TikTok. They Could Kill You

Kinzinger hits back at Boebert's church and state remarks: 'We must oppose the Christian Taliban' | The Hill

2 NC workers fired for not joining company's daily Christian devotionals, EEOC says

Clarence Thomas wants to let anti-LGBTQ church sue because they were called a “hate group”

Nick Fuentes: SCOTUS reversal of Roe v Wade is 'like having Taliban rule in a good way' – DeadState

Supreme Court rules school district cannot prohibit football coach's prayers on field - CNNPolitics

Florida pastor arrested and charged for masturbating on Starbucks patio — for the second time – DeadState

Ginni Thomas' lawyer tries to get her out of Jan. 6 panel testimony, saying it's been a 'particularly stressful time' amid Supreme Court rulings

Stephanie Grisham shared texts that appear to show how Melania Trump refused to condemn violence during the Capitol riot

Giuliani appears to admit asking Trump for a pardon before quickly claiming he never did | The Independent

Supreme Court expands gun rights, with nation divided | AP News

Fears of violence against pro-choice protests intensify amid wave of attacks

Supreme Court Narrows Ruling for Tribes in Oklahoma – The Seattle Times

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