Cognitive Dissonance

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TikTok pushes potentially harmful content to users as often as every 39 seconds, study says - CBS News

A Christian Camp Director Abused Dozens of Kids. Now, a Victim Says the Camp Lied to Coerce Him Into an NDA.

After eviction, Christian hate-preacher Jonathan Shelley can't find a new home

Texas Creates Chilling Registry of 16,000 People Who Changed Genders on Their Driver's Licenses

Holy hell: The dangers in rising religious exemptions to school vaccinations in Florida

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Trump Sells a New Image as the Hero of $99 Trading Cards

About four-in-ten U.S. adults believe humanity is 'living in the end times'elections - Raw Story

Law professors raise ethics concerns as Kavanaugh parties with Republicans at “worst possible time” |

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Rep. Gosar deletes tweet backing Trump's call to "terminate" parts of Constitution

Items with classified markings found at Trump storage unit in Florida | News |

Trump’s Criminal Nightmare Officially Begins

Samuel Bateman: Polygamous 'prophet' had more than 20 wives, many of them underage, says FBI

Denying The 2020 Election Wasn’t A Winning Strategy For Political Newcomers | FiveThirtyEight

Germany arrests dozens as QAnon-inspired "Reichsbürger" group accused of plotting to overthrow government - CBS News

Survey: 'Highly religious Americans' are the biggest climate deniers

‘We Will Fucking Kill You:’ Gay Lawmaker Targeted With Bomb Threat, Called ‘Groomer’

Far-right extremists turn on Marjorie Taylor Greene & call her a "slave" to Democrats - LGBTQ Nation

Brian Sicknick's family explains snubbing McConnell and McCarthy: 'This is an integrity issue' | CNN Politics

Republican woman cries and begs others to vote to ban gay people from getting married. : r/PublicFreakout



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Marco Rubio Lashes Out Against Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Bill After His Attempt to Create Special Religious Rights Fails

Conservatives are having a bad day after the Senate passed the marriage equality bill - LGBTQ Nation

Suicide bomber attacks Pakistan police guarding polio vaccination team, kills four | Reuters

Pastors say Johnny Hunt, former SBC president accused of abuse, can return to ministry - The Washington Post

A Secret Campaign to Influence the Supreme Court - The New York Times

‘Exposed to horrendous things’: young people in UK speak out against evangelical church | Christianity | The Guardian

IRS gives Trump tax returns to House committee after 3-year legal battle

Man who wears eye patch after shooting himself with his own gun convicted over Capitol riot | US News


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