Cognitive Dissonance

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Trump raises $1.5 million for presidential campaign since warning of arrest in looming NYC indictment | Fox News

AI-faked images of Donald Trump’s imagined arrest swirl on Twitter | Ars Technica

Somebody wants the Bible removed from Davis County school libraries

Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly - ABC News

The only hospital in this Idaho city plans to shut down its labor ward because of shortages and 'bills that criminalize physicians'

Woman’s toes regrow in miracle, MO pastor says with no proof | The Kansas City Star

'Burgers for baptism': 13-year-old baptised without parents' consent |

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Budget officials tell Republicans what they don’t want to hear

An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own ‘Severe’ Symptoms.

Ukraine invites Ron DeSantis to visit after Florida governor calls war a "territorial dispute" - CBS News

"I need a woman who looks like she got punched": Republicans become more openly pro-abuse |

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Tucker Carlson Airs Jan 6. Footage to Rewrite the History of the Capitol Riot: 'They Were Sightseers'

Senate Republicans Rip Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 Riot Coverage | HuffPost Latest News

The QAnon Queen Is Printing Her Own Currency Now

Fact check: Donald Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC | CNN Politics

Mexican president posts photo of what he claims is an elf | The Hill

Rapid demise of 'Dilbert' is no surprise to those watching | AP News

Girls in Texas Could Get Birth Control at Federal Clinics, Until a Christian Father Objected | Kaiser Health News

Popular prayer app pushes 'fringe elements on the Catholic right' into mainstream - Raw Story

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Thank you to Aaron Rabinowitz for joining today. Make sure to go check out Aaron's podcast here:  

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Why Did Fox News Lie to Its Viewers? - The Atlantic

Arkansas Republicans Propose a Monument to Unborn Fetuses

A Lehigh Valley school district is opening its doors to an After School Satan Club. It says its hands are tied by the law

Southern Baptists oust Saddleback Church over woman pastor | AP News

Trump defends Kim Jong Un after recent missile tests, and says he has a right to feel threatened by US military drills in South Korea

Mike Pompeo’s PAC Spent $42K on Copies of His Own Book and Now It’s a Bestseller

Schumer: McCarthy endangering lawmakers by giving Carlson Jan. 6 footage - The Washington Post

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Civil War - The Atlantic



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Florida woman pulled from storm drain for third time in 2 years | WFLA

Drunken man poops on PT Cruiser, tells hospital staff his blood will be ‘Pure. Natural. Ice.’ -

Utah's 'porn-sniffing dog' dies after putting numerous offenders behind bars |

Former Colorado funeral home owner sentenced to 20 yrs for selling body parts | Reuters

Fact check: Pope’s death determined with traditional means, not hammer

Melted butter clogs historic canal and storm drains after dairy plant fire in Wisconsin - CBS News

Florida Man Struck by Falling Iguana | Miami New Times

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Fox Guest Throws Unhinged Sexist Tantrum Over Chelsea Handler's Childlessness

Childbirth Is Deadlier for Black Families Even When They’re Rich, Expansive Study Finds

Norfolk Southern is giving $25,000 to an Ohio town where it caused a life-or-death evacuation

Wyoming GOP defends child marriage while claiming it's trans rights that harm children - LGBTQ Nation


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OA Allegations and Meta Discussion Megathread

“She’s not intellectually capable”: Knives out in TrumpWorld over Sanders’ “terrible” SOTU response

LGBTQ+ State Senator Proposes Ban on 'Religious Indoctrination' of Kids

Bless their hearts! The Christian right attempts to mount a revival |

Statue of Mary untouched in earthquake that demolished cathedral in Turkey | Catholic News Agency

Republicans held a hearing to prove Twitter's bias against them. It backfired in spectacular fashion | CNN Business

Yes, the Trump White House Demanded Twitter Remove Chrissy Teigen’s Tweet Calling Trump a “Pussy Ass Bitch” | Vanity Fair

Joe Scarborough: ‘Stupid’ House GOP helped Biden appear stronger during State of the Union Address | The Hill


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Florida Panel Recommends Forcing Student Athletes to Give Schools Their Menstrual History | The New Republic

Creepy new details emerge about drag-hating senator whose GOP colleagues mysteriously turned on her last week - Queerty

Forget Pandemic Puppies. Meet the Inflation Chicken.

Republicans Assail Vaccine and Mandates With Misleading Claims - The New York Times

Behind the Inclusive-Sounding Ads of this $100 Million PR-Blitz-for-Jesus it’s the Same Old Conservative Christian Fantasy | Religion Dispatches

Trump makes shocking comments about trusting Putin over US ‘intelligence lowlifes’

Footage of Paul Pelosi Attack Should Dispel Conspiracy Theories — But It Won't

Elon Musk apologizes for tweeting a baseless conspiracy theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi



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Skyler Wilson's adoptive parents used 'exorcism,' food restrictions, warrants allege

Iowa passes school choice bill requiring the state to pay for students’ private school tuition

Eight-year-old Indian diamond heiress who became a nun - BBC News

Michigan Priest Who Temporarily Died Claims He Went to Hell and Saw Demons Enslaving Humans, Torturing Them With Rihanna Music

Santos to get his own talking bobblehead, complete with Pinocchio nose | The Hill

Mat Staver Tells Christian Schools to Bar Children of Same-Sex Families | Right Wing Watch

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MAGA pastor Hank Kunneman is pretty sure that President Joe Biden has been replaced by a demon.

Republican Wants to Fix the Completely Made-Up Issue of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Food


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Cardinal George Pell dies aged 81 in Rome

Hate pastors are now speaking out against beer because they say it makes men feminine - LGBTQ Nation

Iran Says Face Recognition Will ID Women Breaking Hijab Laws | WIRED

Kevin McCarthy on George Santos: Well, Is There a Charge Against Him? | The New Republic

Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location

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Former Pope Benedict XVI dies in Vatican monastery aged 95

House adjourns without speaker after Kevin McCarthy loses sixth vote

Gen. Mark Milley said there were talks about court-martialing former military officers who wrote 'very critical' op-eds of Trump

Hate Leader Nick Fuentes Is Recruiting Incels – Mother Jones


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Trump Said He's 'Clairvoyant' In Unhinged Christmas Day Post

Good News Club: After school satanic clubs are a 'direct attack on teaching Christianity to children'

State lawsuits defend abortion access with religious freedom | AP News

Why Many Conservatives Won’t Be with Their Children or Grandchildren this Christmas

Pope condemns human 'hunger for wealth and power' at Christmas Eve Mass - BBC News

Mark Meadows burned documents a dozen times during transition, ex-White House aide told Jan. 6 panel

Police, Prosecutors Used Junk Science to Decide 911 Callers Were Liars — ProPublica

Abbott defends dropping migrants at vice president's home: 'The White House is full of a bunch of hypocrites'


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