Cognitive Dissonance

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Skyler Wilson's adoptive parents used 'exorcism,' food restrictions, warrants allege

Iowa passes school choice bill requiring the state to pay for students’ private school tuition

Eight-year-old Indian diamond heiress who became a nun - BBC News

Michigan Priest Who Temporarily Died Claims He Went to Hell and Saw Demons Enslaving Humans, Torturing Them With Rihanna Music

Santos to get his own talking bobblehead, complete with Pinocchio nose | The Hill

Mat Staver Tells Christian Schools to Bar Children of Same-Sex Families | Right Wing Watch

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MAGA pastor Hank Kunneman is pretty sure that President Joe Biden has been replaced by a demon.

Republican Wants to Fix the Completely Made-Up Issue of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Food


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Cardinal George Pell dies aged 81 in Rome

Hate pastors are now speaking out against beer because they say it makes men feminine - LGBTQ Nation

Iran Says Face Recognition Will ID Women Breaking Hijab Laws | WIRED

Kevin McCarthy on George Santos: Well, Is There a Charge Against Him? | The New Republic

Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location

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Former Pope Benedict XVI dies in Vatican monastery aged 95

House adjourns without speaker after Kevin McCarthy loses sixth vote

Gen. Mark Milley said there were talks about court-martialing former military officers who wrote 'very critical' op-eds of Trump

Hate Leader Nick Fuentes Is Recruiting Incels – Mother Jones


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Trump Said He's 'Clairvoyant' In Unhinged Christmas Day Post

Good News Club: After school satanic clubs are a 'direct attack on teaching Christianity to children'

State lawsuits defend abortion access with religious freedom | AP News

Why Many Conservatives Won’t Be with Their Children or Grandchildren this Christmas

Pope condemns human 'hunger for wealth and power' at Christmas Eve Mass - BBC News

Mark Meadows burned documents a dozen times during transition, ex-White House aide told Jan. 6 panel

Police, Prosecutors Used Junk Science to Decide 911 Callers Were Liars — ProPublica

Abbott defends dropping migrants at vice president's home: 'The White House is full of a bunch of hypocrites'


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