Cognitive Dissonance

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Fox Will Pay $787.5 Million to Settle Dominion Defamation Suit - The New York Times

Shooting of Ralph Yarl, Who Rang Doorbell at Wrong House, Unsettles Kansas City - The New York Times

Top MAGA Organizer Says 'This Is Too Gay' When Asked About Having Solicited Nudes From Teen Boys

Couple beheaded themselves with homemade guillotine in ritual sacrifice, police in India say - CBS News

Conservatives push wild conspiracy that Bud Light is being run by the CIA in secret ‘woke’ warfare | The Independent

Iowa Senate Pulls All-Nighter to Roll Back Child Labor Protections


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The GOP Kicked Justin Jones Out of the Tennessee House. Two Days Later, He’s Back.

Democratic senators urge chief justice to probe Thomas trips | AP News

Florida Woman Denied Abortion Miscarried in Hair Salon Bathroom, Lost Half Her Blood

Trump-Appointed Judge Bans the Abortion Pill Nationwide, Starting in 7 Days

NPR quits Twitter after being falsely labeled as 'state-affiliated media'

Kid Rock Promotes New Seltzer With Ties to Transgender Partnership

Lance Wallnau Warns That God Will Soon Start Killing Those Who Are 'Persecuting' Trump | Right Wing Watch

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Opinion | A Florida School Banned a Disney Movie About Ruby Bridges. Here’s What That Really Means. - The New York Times

Tucker Carlson Deems Trans People the 'Natural Enemy' of Christianity

Idaho Is About To Be The First State To Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion Post-Roe

Texas Republicans propose creation of vigilante group to hunt migrants at the border that will have immunity from prosecution | The Independent

Outside conservative groups back candidates as school board races become ideological battlegrounds


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