Cognitive Dissonance


Perry Stone: Many World Leaders Are Luciferians Who Pray To Satan Before Dinner | Right Wing Watch

Paul McGuire: America Is Controlled By A 'Hidden Network Of Practicing Pedophiles' | Right Wing Watch

The Link Between Astrology and Health - Your Worrying and Anxiety Could Be Because You’re Not Getting Enough of This! | The Dr. Oz Show

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If you haven't yet check out this miniseries on Netflix about Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). Otherwise be ready for some spoilers. It will still make you want to watch it either way.
Pretty wild story.
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Thank you to Andy and Marsh from Merseyside Skeptics from coming on. If you want to learn more about QED visit:

It's an excellent convention - we highly recommend attending.




Behind Trump’s Plan to Overhaul the Government: Scaling Back the Safety Net - The New York Times

Jeff Sessions Says It's 'Painful' Hearing Christians Condemn His Family Separation Policy | HuffPost

Self-Described 'Classical Liberal' YouTubers Join Far-Right European Political Party | Right Wing Watch

Dave Daubenmire Melts Down Over Criticism Of Trump's Family Separation Policy | Right Wing Watch

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Thanks to Thomas for joining us! By his next guest appearance we expect him to create about 4 more shows. 

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Stories from the Week

Dave Daubenmire And Rick Wiles Perfectly Demonstrate Why They Are Shunned By Mainstream Society | Right Wing Watch

Liz Crokin: Kate Spade Was Killed To Keep Her From Ratting Out The Clintons | Right Wing Watch

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