Cognitive Dissonance

Some GOP senators buck President Trump, Rand Paul on calls to release whistleblower's identity - ABC News

Minnesota bishop defends conduct in sexual abuse case

"Christian" hospital charges its own nurse $900,000 for her premature baby / Boing Boing

GOP Candidate for Virginia Senate: The Ten Commandments Will Stop Gun Violence | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Paula White, Donald Trump’s new adviser, ratchets up rhetoric, denounces ‘demonic’ networks opposing president’s ‘calling’ -

Ohio ex-missionary sentenced to 9 years in prison in child sex abuse cases | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Dave Daubenmire Believes He's Entitled to a Jury Filled With Conservative Christians | Right Wing Watch

New York Times library subscription rejected by Citrus County, Florida, commissioners citing 'fake news' - The Washington Post

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Support us in our effort to help people by being vulgar to you, your friends, and your family. Go to to pledge your support.

  1. With beets still in the ground, Farmers pack in churches to pray for better harvest conditions | INFORUM
  2. MO health director had spreadsheet of abortion patients | The Kansas City Star
  3. Runner Wearing 'Jesus Saves' Bib Given CPR by a Man Named Jesus |
  4. Christian group tries to ban naked Joan of Arc oratorio - ABC News
  5. Homophobic hate preacher drowned out by men with saxophones
  6. Virginia GOP Sends Racist Mailer Attacking Democratic Incumbent | Right Wing Watch
  7. Trump Tweets Faked Photo of Hero Dog Getting a Medal
  8. Donald and Melania Trump Put Halloween Candy on a Kid's Head, and Twitter Can't Get Over It
  9. A Divided House Endorses Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump
  10. Anne Graham Lotz: God Orchestrated Trump's Withdrawal From Syria to Set Up the Last Days | Right Wing Watch
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Thank you to Jordan and Dan from Knowledge Fight for joining us for this episode. 


Make sure to check them out


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We watched The Family.



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Thank you to Maya K. Van Rossum for joining us this week. Learn more about The Green Amendment and Maya at:

The Green Amendment 


Stories from the Week

Vatican launches $110 'click to pray' wearable rosary - CNN

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opposes rule that would ban conversion therapy,says it fails to protect individual religious beliefs

Ben Shapiro Threatens Beto O’Rourke With Gun Violence Because The Gays | Michael Stone

Trump says again that Americans need ID to buy groceries. They still don't - CNNPolitics

U.S. Department of State - United States Department of State

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Stories from the Week

Bishop: Girls Should Skip College So They’re Not Smarter Than Their Husbands | Sarahbeth Caplin | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

1,700 priests accused of child abuse live unsupervised in US: AP - Business Insider

The case of outed teen who died of suicide is in the hands of an anti-gay prosecutor / LGBTQ Nation

Four Barbers Detained in Pak for Styling Customers' Beards in Un-Islamic Way: Report - News18

Trump just went absolutely nuts in front of reporters — here are the craziest highlights – Raw Story

Iraqi girls as young as NINE are sold for sex in temporary 'marriages' | Daily Mail Online

Rick Wiles: Hillary Clinton Looks Good Because She’s “Drinking a Lot of Blood” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Freedom From Religion Foundation files complaint against judge after giving Bible to Amber Guyger | FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth

Mike Adams via Infowars: Impeachment Inquiry against Trump Part of Plan to Genocide Human Race | Right Wing Watch

Jim Bakker: The Left Is Under 'Massive Demon Possession' | Right Wing Watch


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Stories from the Week

Catholic Church, Boy Scouts fight timeline to sue over child abuse

Tucson man accused in son's death during attempted exorcism |

Christian School Principal Sends Newsletter Saying Greta Thunberg Has 'Mental Problems,' Accuses Her of Promoting 'Doomsday Waffle Talk'

The Anti-Abortion Doctor Who Believes Ectopic Pregnancies Can Be 'Reimplanted'



Josh Bernstein Says Democratic Leaders Should Be Tortured for Launching Impeachment Inquiry | Right Wing Watch

Lance Wallnau: Impeaching Trump Would 'Overturn the Will of 600 Million Americans' | Right Wing Watch

Robert Jeffress: There's No Constitutional Separation of Church and State and Thank God Trump Understands That | Right Wing Watch

Trump Denies Considering a Border Moat - The New York Times

Trump Publicly Urges China to Investigate the Bidens - The New York Times

Direct download: cd490.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST


  1. Laura Ingraham Mocks Greta Thunberg: She’s Like Children Of The Corn – HollywoodLife
  2. Robert Jeffress: Climate Change Is an 'Imaginary Crisis' That God Won't Let Happen | Right Wing Watch
  3. Marching band trolls anti-LGBT university in the best possible way
  4. TWIT - This week in trump
    1. ‘I think you should ask for VP Pence’s conversations’: Trump throws Mike Pence under the bus – Raw Story
    2. Trump’s rationale for withholding aid to Ukraine changed overnight - Vox
    3. Senate unanimously calls for Trump to release Ukraine whistleblower complaint - Axios
    4. Trump calls on nations to reject globalism, embrace nationalism
    5. Trump’s tweet about Greta Thunberg is one of his ugliest yet - Vox
  5. Dave Daubenmire: The Devil Is Using Billie Eilish to Steal Our Children | Right Wing Watch
Direct download: cd489.mp3
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Stories from the Week

Dark crystals: the brutal reality behind a booming wellness craze | Life and style | The Guardian

Furry Convention Shows Milo Yiannopoulos the Door | Right Wing Watch

Jim Bakker: Talk of Climate Change Is an Effort to Pretend the End Times Aren't Upon Us | Right Wing Watch


Thank you to Glenda from the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago for joining us. Also check out

Direct download: cd488.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Grandfather claims Lourdes holy water cured his cancer | Daily Mail Online

Josh Bernstein: Christine Blasey Ford Was a 'Man-Crazy Little Soon-To-Be-Whore' Who Assaulted Brett Kavanaugh | Right Wing Watch

Pharmacist spared jail after posing as mother of 11-month-old boy so he could be circumcised | Daily Mail Online

Mississippi wedding venue refuses interracial pair over owner's Christian faith - BBC News

Harry Potter books removed from Catholic school 'on exorcists' advice' | Books | The Guardian

Rick Joyner: Christians Need to Establish Militias in Preparation for the Coming Civil War | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd487.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

  1. Williamson deletes tweet suggesting 'power of the mind' can deter Hurricane Dorian
  3. Texas gunman had been ruled 'mentally unfit' to buy firearms, used loophole on background check: report | Fox News
  4. After Texas Shooting, Fox & Friends Guest Blames Gun Violence on Decline in Christianity: No 'Morality Without Religion'
  5. YouTube Removes 17,000 Channels for Hate Speech | Hollywood Reporter


This week in trump:

  1. Trump displays map with Dorian's original path extended toward Alabama
  2. Village Idiot Offers Congrats To Poland For Nazi Invasion That Decimated Their Country and Killed Millions | Common Dreams Further
  3. Mike Pence’s stay at Trump’s Doonbeg resort reeks of corruption
  4. Trump Says a Recession Isn’t Possible Because Everyone Is Rich
  1. Founder of conversion therapy organization comes out as gay and apologizes


Direct download: cd486.mp3
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Stories from the Week

Column: Trickle-down theory is a monstrous lie intended to justify the rich getting richer - Los Angeles Times

Kentucky principal who tried to ban books over ‘homosexual content’ busted for child porn – Raw Story

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Teaching LGBTQ History Is 'An Illegal Measure of Recruiting Children Into Sodomy' | Right Wing Watch

Fox's Diamond and Silk: "With the Earth rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, OK, 365 days of the year, we subject to feel climate changing a little bit" | Media Matters for America

Dave Daubenmire Questions the Extent of the Holocaust | Right Wing Watch

Trump circles back to 'phony story' about using nukes to blow up hurricanes | TheHill

Alberta supervised consumption sites have 100% success rate at reversing overdoses: report





Direct download: cd485.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Texas Baptist pastor who advocated executing women for abortion faces child sexual assault charges

Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax

Mark Taylor: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'Has Got to Be a Pedophile' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Rep Maxine Waters Is 'Activating Satan's Pastors' to Attack Trump | Right Wing Watch


Thank you to the guys at How To Heretic - CHECK THEM OUT

Direct download: cd484.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Steve King Asks if There Would Be ‘Any Population’ Left Without Rape and Incest - The New York Times

#CuccinelliResign Trends on Twitter After Controversial Statue of Liberty Immigration Comments

Russian priest suspended for violently baptising baby blames mother for not being religious enough | Newshub

Rick Wiles: Jews Will Use Red Flag Laws to Disarm Christians and Kill Them | Right Wing Watch


Dave Warnock Dying Out Loud


Direct download: cd483.mp3
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We chat about tragic stories presented as uplifting, AOC, minimum wage, and lunch debt.

School district that turned down donation will accept offer to pay off lunch debt 

AOC Thinks Concentrated Wealth Is Incompatible With Democracy. So Did Our Founders. 

Matt Walsh being a douche

Direct download: cd482.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Josh Bernstein: Rep. Ilhan Omar Is a 'Jihadist Terrorist' Who Should Be Charged With Treason | Right Wing Watch


Liz Crokin: Trump Appointed Alex Acosta to Force the Media to Cover Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest | Right Wing Watch


Longtime Linden minister used oral sex in exorcism ritual, men cla

Direct download: cd481.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 7:10am CST

'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts

Mueller testimony: Trump ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to lie, special counsel confirms

“45 is a puppet”: Trump spoke in front of an altered presidential seal and nobody knew

Highlights of Robert Mueller’s Testimony to Congress

Brenden Dilley: 'It Doesn't Have to Be True; It Just Has to Go Viral' | Right Wing Watch

Lawyer: Shooter Wasn't Trying To Kill A Mob Boss. He Was Under 'QAnon' Delusion

Direct download: 480.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Rand Paul stops unanimous passage of 9/11 first responders funding bill - CNNPolitics

Trump supporters echo his racist tweets, chanting "send her back" - Axios

Trump blasts 4 congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!'

White GOP congressman says he isn't offended by racist Trump tweets because 'I'm a person of color' - CNNPolitics

House Votes to Kill Trump Impeachment Resolution - The New York Times

Josh Bernstein Urges Trump to 'Become a Dictator for Patriotism' | Right Wing Watch

Liz Crokin: Trump Appointed Alex Acosta to Force the Media to Cover Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest | Right Wing Watch


Recovering From Religion

Direct download: cd479.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Christian pastor makes out with the flag during hour-long prayer rant – DeadState

State Dept. Intelligence Analyst Quits to Protest Blocked House Testimony - The New York Times

Sebastian Gorka: ‘U.S. Women’s Soccer team wants to destroy our Judeo-Christian civilization’ – DeadState

Chris McDonald: Floods, Earthquakes and Epstein Arrest Were Caused By Trump's July 4 Speech | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd478.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

AOC calls out Ivanka Trump's G20 Summit blunder

John Roberts pulls out the thesaurus for one of Trump’s nearly 11,000 lies - The Washington Post

Christian activist: Sin is to blame for extreme weather, not climate change – DeadState

Imam of Peace

Judge orders doctors to give Jehovah’s Witness girl blood transfusion against her parents’ wishes | The Independent

Alabama Woman Who Was Shot While Pregnant Is Charged in Fetus’s Death - The New York Times

Republicans are a threat to the sanctity of marriage — Case in point: Duncan Hunter – DeadState

'God Doesn't Pander to the Lawless': Chris McDonald Says Detained Immigrants Are Not Entitled to Soap or Toothpaste | Right Wing Watch

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Slammed Over Birtherism Bot Attack On Kamala Harris | HuffPost

Fox host Tucker Carlson defends North Korean regime: ‘Leading a country means killing people’ | The Independent

Direct download: cd477.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

‘Biblical Flat Earth Society’ founder is charged with 56 counts of child exploitation – DeadState

Smartphones aren’t making millennials grow horns. Here’s how to spot a bad study | PBS NewsHour

Mike Pence's unbelievable answer on whether climate change is a threat - CNNPolitics

The 'Highlights' Magazine Family Separation Statement Is An Urgent Call To Action

'These Women Are Unattractive': Bill Mitchell and Karyn Turk Dismiss Latest Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump | Right Wing Watch

Big League Politics' Patrick Howley Says 'It's Very Clear' That Hillary Clinton Is a Satanist | Right Wing Watch

Trump’s pick for ICE director: I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes - POLITICO

Direct download: cd476.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Lawsuit accuses Scientology, David Miscavige of child abuse, human trafficking, libel.

Thousands petition Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime's Good Omens | Books | The Guardian

New York bans ‘gay panic’ defence in murder cases

Renee Bach: US missionary accused of letting 100 Ugandan babies die

Cindy Jacobs: If Equality Act Passes, Christians May Start a Civil War | Right Wing Watch

Jim Bakker: Christian Leaders and Politicians Will Be Murdered if Trump is not Re-Elected | Right Wing Watch

Jim Bakker: Christians Must Pray for Trump Because 'We're so Close to the Bible Being Illegal' | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles: Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Are a Satanic Plot to 'Create a Race of Soulless Creatures' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Hillary Clinton Would Have Locked Christians in FEMA Concentration Camps | Right Wing Watch


Email about Opioid Crisis


subway fleshlight

trump orange crayon

chicago gloryholes

Direct download: cd475.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Dave Hayes Has Been Called to Red-Pill the Q Movement About God | Right Wing Watch

In Alabama — where lawmakers banned abortion for rape victims — rapists’ parental rights are protected - The Washington Post

E.W. Jackson: 'We Need to Burn Every Rainbow Flag in This Nation' | Right Wing Watch

Mary Colbert: Sin, Not Climate Change, Is Causing Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters | Right Wing Watch

E.W. Jackson: It's 'Blasphemous' For Ralph Northam to Say 'Thoughts and Prayers' Won't Stop Gun Violence | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles Blames YouTube Crackdown on 'The Synagogue of Satan' | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd474.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Thank you to Dr. Steven Novella from The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe for joining us. Check out their website, podcast, and book of the same name. 

If you want to hear the emails Cecil sent the SGU back in the day they are Episode 39, 40, and 45.

Also Tom knows Dr. Novella is a neurologist, he was just joking saying neurosurgeon.... 👀

Direct download: cd473.mp3
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This two part episode dives into the opioid crisis. If you have any experience with this issue or have any personal stories you feel like sharing please leave in the comments below. 

America's Opioid Epidemic : NPR
Listen to ‘The Daily’: How the Opioid Crisis Started - The New York Times
The Family That Profited From the Opioid Crisis - The New York Times
The New Yorker Radio Hour - How OxyContin Was Sold to the Masses | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Did Free Pens Cause the Opioid Crisis? - The Atlantic
The Arthur Sackler Family's Ties to OxyContin Money - The Atlantic
Opioid Epidemic: One West Virginia Doctor’s Redemption - The Atlantic
The Giants at the Heart of the Opioid Crisis - The New York Times
The making of an opioid epidemic – podcast | News | The Guardian
NPR Throughline Podcast: History of Opioid Crisis in America – Rolling Stone

Direct download: cd472.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

I.R.S. Memo Undercuts Mnuchin on Withholding Trump’s Tax Returns - The New York Times

2020 Democrats on Impeachment: Where They Stand - The New York Times

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment | Environment | The Guardian

Conservatives’ junk science is having real consequences - The Washington Post

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. - The New York Times

Meeke Addison: Pete Buttigieg 'Engages in Violent Sexual Acts' | Right Wing Watch

'More Power To Him': Mark Taylor Predicts Trump Will Impose Martial Law to Round Up His Political Enemies | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd471.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

How You Can Help

How to Help Fight Against Abortion Bans in Alabama, Georgia


Stories from the week

Ahead of Alabama abortion bill debate, Lieutenant Governor fights against rape and incest exceptions

Alabama Governor Signs Abortion Law Banning Most Abortions |

Alabama Legislators Refuse to Fund Mother and Child Health Care as They Ban Nearly All Abortions

Alabama 'has gone too far' with 'extreme' abortion bill, Pat Robertson says | Fox News

The Supreme Court now has cover to cut back on reproductive rights without having to overturn ‘Roe’ - The Washington Post

Direct download: cd470.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Texas lawmaker calls vaccines 'sorcery,' verbally attacks prominent advocate - Houston Chronicle

Falwell Urges Barr to Prosecute Those Who Launched Mueller Investigation | Right Wing Watch

Michael Cohen says he helped Jerry Falwell Jr. handle racy photos

 Anti-vaxx Kentucky teen who sued over unvaccinated chickenpox ban now has chickenpox

Reporter dragged away after confronting televangelist: ‘Why do you need a $54 million jet?’ – DeadState

Bryan Fischer: The Solution to Climate Change is to 'Repent of Our Sin' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Hurricane Maria Was Created to Generate Refugees Who Will 'Turn Florida Blue' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Satan Uses Chemtrails to Block 'God's Frequency' | Right Wing Watch

Baby Shark Death Metal
Oily Bible
Mueller Report Audible
Direct download: cd469.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Two HIV Cases Linked to Spa That Gave Trendy 'Vampire Facials'

Police: Man plowed his car into crowd because he thought they were Muslim – ThinkProgress

Christian Site: 5G Technology Will Bring The Antichrist - Joe.My.God.

Kat Kerr Used 'Heaven's Oil' to Anoint Israel and Guarantee Netanyahu's Re-Election | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Notre Dame Fire Was God's Judgment to Expose Its Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking | Right Wing Watch

Sri Lanka Easter bombings retaliation for Christchurch mosque shootings, says official

US measles cases hit highest mark in 25 years

Direct download: cd468.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Steve King compares himself to Jesus after his censuring over racist language - The Washington Post

Anti-gay Christian activist: People like me ‘will be hated’ if Pete Buttigieg becomes president – DeadState

Jewish effigy hanged and burned in ‘disturbing’ Easter ritual in Poland | The Independent

Bill Mitchell: The Mueller Investigation Was 'Political Judo' by Trump | Right Wing Watch

Dave Daubenmire: 'The Holy Spirit Has Issued an Indictment' Against Hillary Clinton | Right Wing Watch

The Duggars Renamed "Deviled Eggs" Which Sparked A Huge Debate About Eggs And Satan

Kuwaiti academic claims semen-eating anal worms cause homosexuality

The only thing that should follow i'm not racist, but... is I do live in a system of institutionalized racism that I absorb & actively benefit from<span id=" width="100%" />

Direct download: cd467.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST


Thank you to Aaron and Jim for joining us. Please consider donating to this cause.

Wyoming AIDS Assistance (WyoAIDS) -

@wyoaids on twitter!

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Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Yoga Does Not Make Inmates Gay, Says Russian Prison Chief as Classes Are Reinstated

Will Brunei's anti-LGBT Sharia law spread across southeast Asia? - CNN

'Justice Is Coming': Mark Taylor Issues An Alarming Prophecy | Right Wing Watch

Stefan Molyneux: White Civilization Is Being Pulled Down Because Other Races Feel They Can't Compete | Right Wing Watch

Cory Daniel: New Zealand Muslim Massacre Was an Illuminati Plot to 'Take White People Down' | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd465.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Fox Refers to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as ‘Three Mexican Countries’

Stefan Molyneux: The Mueller Investigation Was Secretly About Immigration | Right Wing Watch

This Colorado sheriff is willing to go to jail rather than enforce a proposed gun law - CNN


Thanks to Thomas Smith for joining us


Direct download: cd464.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says

Fox News White House Correspondent Inflames QAnon | Right Wing Watch

Joel Osteen’s protégé says the devil is trying to ‘mute’ him after his mistress releases suggestive voicemails

Josh Bernstein: Hillary Clinton 'Should Be First in Line at the Guillotines' | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd463.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Pope rejects resignation of French Cardinal Barbarin, convicted in child sex abuse cover-up

Liz Crokin: College Admissions Scandal Proves QAnon's 'Mass Arrests Are Happening' | Right Wing Watch

Ann Vandersteel: New Zealand Massacre Was a Left-Wing 'False Flag' | Right Wing Watch

Kurt Schlichter: Socialists Will Take Your Car and Feed You 'Vegan Nightmare Food' | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd462.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Pat Robertson: LGBTQ People Will Destroy Everything to Ensure Society Legitimizes 'Their Weird Way of Doing Sex' | Right Wing Watch

Trump’s attorney general wants god’s moral order enforced by government

Young-earth creationist to AOC: Hell is the only form of climate change you need to worry about – DeadState

More than 6K suspension orders to go out to Waterloo region students over vaccines | CBC News

'He's learned nothing': Zuckerberg floats crowdsourcing Facebook fact-checks | Technology | The Guardian

Mark Levin: Andrew McCabe 'Was Leading a Coup' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald Expose the Connection Between Aurora, Christian Bale, and the Illuminati | Right Wing Watch

Sheila Zilinsky Apologizes For Ever Doubting Q | Right Wing Watch

Jim Bakker Says Trump Has Been Spiritually 'Saved So Many Times' Since Becoming President | Right Wing Watch

Steve Quayle: Jared Kushner 'Is Absolutely the Prime Candidate' to be the Antichrist | Right Wing Watch

Dave Daubenmire Is Willing to Cut Trump 'Some Slack' for Effort to Decriminalize Homosexuality Because He's Just 'A Babe in Christ' | Right Wing Watch

South Africa funeral firm to sue pastor for 'resurrection stunt' - BBC News


Direct download: cd461.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Rick Wiles Doubles Down: Tom Brady Is Sleeping With the Equivalent of a 'Serial Murderer' | Right Wing Watch2 

Southern Baptist Convention: More than 200 ministers, deacons and others have been found guilty of sex abuse, report says

George Pell's lawyer says child abuse was 'plain vanilla' sex as cardinal heads to jail | Australia news | The Guardian

This Valentine's Day, Lance Wallnau Will Help Your Sweetheart Banish Those Demons—40% Off! | Right Wing Watch

Vatican’s Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children - The New York Times

South Africa funeral firm to sue pastor for 'resurrection stunt' - BBC News

Vatican defrocks ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick for sexual abuse - Vox -


Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Direct download: cd460.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

There’s yet another Trump administration scandal brewing. And it’s a doozy. - The Washington Post

Laura Loomer: 'It's Almost Like [Democrats] Want Little Girls to Get Raped' | Right Wing Watch

Chris McDonald: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Theology Is of Satan' | Right Wing Watch

Rep. Matt Gaetz apologizes, deletes tweet seen by some as warning to Michael Cohen ahead of hearing

If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to:

Citation Needed 


God Awful Movies 

Scathing Atheist 

Direct download: cd459.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Chris Wallace calls Rush Limbaugh a hypocrite -- to his face: 'You were outraged' over Obama's executive actions

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Catholic cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda' - BBC News

White House moves forward with wall funding despite lawsuits - CNNPolitics

USC Forced To Investigate After Church Of Scientology Allegedly Forges Letter From Professor | Daily Wire

Italy’s Schoolteachers Are Being Taught to Deal With the Devil

West Virginia lawmaker says there’s no reason to punish him for comparing LGBTQ community to KKK – ThinkProgress

WY GOP Lawmaker: I Support the Death Penalty Since That’s How Jesus Was Executed | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos


Reminder our livestream is tomorrow, Sunday, at 3pm CT

Direct download: cd458.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Apple and Google Pressured to Dump Saudi App Where Men Track Women Relatives - The New York Times

GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report - POLITICO

Religious Right Pundits: Chief Justice John Roberts a 'Disgrace' and a 'Hack' for Vote to Stay Anti-Abortion Law | Right Wing Watch

The State of the Q-nion | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles: Tom Brady Is 'Sleeping With a Witch' | Right Wing Watch

Cory Daniel: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Ritual to Moloch | Right Wing Watch

New Anti-Gay Group Launched with Smears, Conspiracy Theories, Attacks on Congressional Black Caucus and Civil Rights Hero John Lewis | Right Wing Watch



Direct download: cd457.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Resources from this episode

Check out the Innocence Project 

The Death Penalty — Civics 101: A Podcast

An Execution in Nebraska - The New York Times

Perfect Evidence - This American Life

DIY - This American Life

Should the Wrongfully Convicted Take an Alford Plea? - The Atlantic 

Can You Prove Your Innocence Without DNA? - The Atlantic

The Wrong Man - The Atlantic 

Jailing the Wrong Man: Mug Shot Searches Persist in New York, Despite Serious Risks - The New York Times

DNA Evidence Exonerates a Man of Murder After 20 Years in Prison - The New York Times

Was It a False Confession in ‘Making a Murderer’? The Supreme Court May Decide - The New York Times

Abolish the Death Penalty | All Debates | Debate | IQ2US Debates Watch Ken Burns: The Central Park Five | Prime Video

Direct download: cd456_patrons.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Deep dive on the criminal justice system. 

Tweet and comment and let us know your thoughts, opinions or experience with the criminal justice system.

Or email us if you need to remain anonymous.



Direct download: cd455.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Trump Says He’ll Delay Speech Until After Shutdown, as Democrats Draft Border Security Plan - The New York Times

Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada drinks wine, eats bacon in Snapchat images | Newshub

Anti-vax movement makes 2019 list of top global health threats, but that's not the whole story

Trump Administration Allows South Carolina to Discriminate

White House patronizes 'freshman' AOC to Fox News -- and tells her to leave climate change up to God

New York passes law allowing abortions at any time if mother's health is at risk - CBS News

Iowa's 'fetal heartbeat' abortion ban ruled unconstitutional


Direct download: cd454.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Steve King Still Has Backing in Iowa, but Even Supporters Say ‘He’s Done’ - The New York Times

Indiana GOP Legislator Sponsors Bill to Teach Creationism in Public Schools | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids | HuffPost

This website gives me the willies. It’s like a Christian ‘Stepford Wives.’ | Rick Snedeker

Christian charity provided money to Russians attending National Prayer Breakfast amid influence campaign: report

Rick Joyner: California Wildfires Were 'The Result of Your Sin' | Right Wing Watch

Direct download: cd453.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CST

Stories from the Week

Trump Trying to Sell Americans a Wall Was Eerily Predicted in a 1950s TV Show

Australia Will Consider Granting Asylum To Saudi Woman Who Fears For Her Life : NPR

Evangelicals are lobbying against anti-lynching law because it includes LGBTQ people / LGBTQ Nation

Pastor Who Praised Pulse Nightclub Gunman Resigns After Allegedly Paying for Sex - The New York Times

James Dobson Wants You to Pray and Fast to Protect Trump from Impeachment | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor sentenced to 30-yr jail, others double lifer for raping, forcing minors into prostitution | india news | Hindustan Times

When a bishop says Earth is the only planet, our schools agree - Cyprus Mail

Steve King asks how terms 'white nationalist' and 'white supremacist' became offensive | TheHill

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Took Her Oath of Office on a Lawbook, Not the Bible | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

 Christian Bale Thanks 'Satan for the Inspiration' During Golden Globe Win for Playing Dick Cheney   | Entertainment Tonight

Elderly, conservatives shared more Facebook fakery in 2016


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Meet the New Freshmen in Congress Being Sworn In Today

Rudy Giuliani Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist Because He Doesn't Understand The Internet | HuffPost

Alex Jones Says Trump Will 'Strike Back Against the Pedophile Rings' in 2019 | Right Wing Watch

Trump Claims Most Furloughed Government Workers Are 'Democrats' | Fortune

Trump Said Federal Workers Support Shutdown. Not True, Say Unions | Time

Bill Mitchell Explains How Trump Is Like Abraham, David, Solomon, and Han Solo | Right Wing Watch

Trump Supporters Want to Buy 'The Wall' Themselves | Right Wing Watch

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