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  1. Homeowners at war with ghost hunters over ‘portal to hell’ located on their property

  2. Pedi-Cure? Virus-Eating Onions On Your Feet Fight Illness, Cleanse Your Blood! (Also, I Have a Bridge To Sell You)

  3. Christian Mother Asia Bibi Sentenced To Hang In Pakistan For 'Insulting Prophet'

  4. 'Bad hijab' link to acid attacks on Iranian women

  5. John Hagee Says Ebola Is God's Judgment On America Because Obama Is Trying To Divide Israel

  6. Fischer: 'The Mark Of The Beast Today Is The Rainbow Flag'

  7. UAE: Man divorces wife 'possessed by genie'

  8. Judge Suggests Doctors Shouldn’t Impose Their Views on Child Who May Soon Become a Victim of Faith-Based Treatment

  9. Pat Robertson: You Can Get AIDS From A Towel

  10. 'Gay cure' pastor rapes teen, threatens him with 'warlock powers' if he talks
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Episode 184: Call Me a Magistrate

Elizabeth City magistrate turns away same-sex couple

Pastor who admitted he had AIDS refuses to step down, gives Sunday sermon

NC pastor comes unglued over coming gay weddings: ‘You think Ebola is bad now, just wait!’

Ohio pastor forced vasectomies, abortions because kids divert money away from church: report

Christian Home-Schooler Tried to Kill Children After Pastor Husband Said World Was Ending

ISIS Magazine Promotes Slavery, Rape, and Murder of Civilians in God's Name

Iraq descends into anarchy: Shia militias 'abducting and killing Sunni civilians in revenge for Isis attacks'

Klingenschmitt: Government Recognition Of Gay Marriage Is Deceiving Citizens Into Hell -

Pat Robertson: Halloween Is A 'Festival For Demonic Spirits'

Help Tim:

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Gay in Indonesia's Aceh? Brace for 100 Lashes in Front of a Crowd

Ghoncheh Ghavami: British-Iranian woman detained in Tehran for watching men's volleyball match goes on hunger strike

FFRF: Church-funded Bible class in NC public schools teaches kids 7-day creation is ‘literal fact’

High court to hear religious man’s child abuse case

Fischer: Ban Muslim Immigration Because We Don't Know Who Is Carrying 'The Decapitation Virus'

FDA cracks down on essential oils distributors and other “natural health” peddlers

The Bible Code Definitively Proves Obama Is The Antichrist!

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2014: Devotees perform extreme body piercing

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Special thanks to Bill and Suzy from Bar Room Atheist for joining us.


'Jinn' caught on camera in Makkah ahead of Hajj
License? Registration? Have You Accepted Jesus as Your Personal Savior?

US rebuff to gay marriage opponents

The Religious Right Reacts To SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision: 'Unconscionable, Unconstitutional, And Un-American'

Downbeat Pat Robertson Criticizes Supreme Court On Marriage Equality

An 'Utterly Exasperated' Mike Huckabee Threatens To Leave The GOP Over Gay Marriage -

Sandy Rios: Riots And Starvation Coming To America

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Thanks to Jake for joining us. Check out his show here:


Robert Oscar Lopez: LGBT Advocates Are Like Pol Pot And Are 'After Your Kids, Plain and Simple'

Over 100,000 Sexually Explicit Photos Of Children Found On Arrested Archbishop’s Computer

Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause chaos on flight to Israel

Iran executes man for doubting tale of Jonah and the fish

Iranian man executed for heresy: rights group

Texas Supreme Court Justice: 'The Church Has Gone To Sleep' And Let Progressives Rule 'Every Facet of Government'



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