Cognitive Dissonance

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Rick Scarborough Warns About the Dangers of Allowing Children to Believe in Santa

'Hell freezes over': Internet stunned as top Evangelical tells Trump to concede defeat

Catholic Church's insurance company in financial trouble over abuse payouts

Christian prayer group and Native Americans face off at Serpent Mound

As churches prove 'fertile ground' for conspiracy theories, some pastors are taking a stand

Jill Duggar's Husband Derick Dillard Reveals the TMI Reason the Family Marries Young

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Show Notes

Government study shows taxpayers are subsidizing “starvation wages” at McDonald's, Walmart

MAGA Marchers and Proud Boys Descend on D.C., Setting Fire to Churches' Black Lives Matter Signs and Getting into Stabbing Fights [Updated]

South Africa's chief justice unrepentant for linking Covid vaccines to satanism

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accused of inciting violence after saying Biden will be removed ‘one way or the other’

QAnon Ideology Is Infiltrating the Natural Parenting Community

Man Is Jailed After Taking Jet Ski Across Irish Sea to See Girlfriend


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Show Notes

US Declined a Pfizer Offer

Bombshell report outs Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for lying to people about COVID-19

California Protester Says She'd Rather 'Put a Bullet in My Head' Than Take COVID Vaccine

Trump supporters on why they don’t wear masks: We don’t have the ‘vibrational frequencies’ to get coronavirus

Covid: 'How a picture of my foot became anti-vaccine propaganda'

Roger Stone Says North Korean Boats Delivered Ballots Through Maine Harbor As Trump Boosts Fraud Claims


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Ripass Rudy 


Rudy's star witness 


Anti-LGBTQ school board member ends career on bum note

Hungarian anti-gay MEP resigns after breaking lockdown to attend orgy

Mysterious monolith appears in ROMANIA after one vanished from Utah

Racists Destroy California Monolith, Proclaim Christ Superior to Aliens

Kazakhstani bodybuilder marries sex doll after whirlwind romance


Donald Trump Just Paid $3 Million to Expand Joe Biden’s Margin of Victory

Sidney Powell's Kraken Lawsuits Mocked for Typos and More

People Can't Believe Donald Trump's Tiny-Looking Desk For His Thanksgiving Rant Isn't A Joke


'Fake news' about a Covid-19 vaccine has become a second pandemic, Red Cross chief says

There's a big obstacle looming for coronavirus vaccines — a strong antivaccine movement

Online Anti-Vax Communities Have Become A Pipeline For QAnon Radicalization





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