Cognitive Dissonance

Josh Bernstein: Obama and Clinton Should Be Arrested and Forced to Build Trump's Border Wall | Right Wing Watch

At House Hearing, Google CEO Wrestles with Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory (and Questions About Why My Phone Does That Thing) | Right Wing Watch

David Seaman Prays God Will Destroy Google With an Earthquake | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles: Democrats and Russia Worked Together to Take Down the NRA | Right Wing Watch

Suicide homily at Maison Hullibarger's funeral in Temperance horrifies his parents - The Washington Post

Secret Experiment in Alabama Senate Race Imitated Russian Tactics - The New York Times

Parkland’s David Hogg sends ‘thoughts and prayers' to the NRA's 'PR team’ after accused Russian agent pleads guilty | TheHill

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rump Charity to Dissolve Under Deal With N.Y. Attorney General - The New York Times

Pro-Trump ‘journalist’: George H.W. Bush didn’t die of natural causes, he was ‘executed’ – DeadState


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Scathing Atheist Podcast

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Stories from the Week

Trump quietly shuts down HIV cure research to appease the religious right / LGBTQ Nation

Bishop Blames The Victim, Claims ‘Immodest Dress’ Of Women Causes Sexual Assault | Michael Stone

High school teacher in Virginia fired for refusing to call transgender student male pronouns |

Ann Vandersteel: 80 Percent of Government Leaders Are Involved in Pedophilia | Right Wing Watch

Ritual Held at Trump International Hotel to Protect President from the Deep State


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Stories from the Week

NBC News Signal presents factory of lies: Democracy under attack

Break up Facebook (and while we're at it, Google, Apple and Amazon) | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis - The New York Times

Damage Control at Facebook: 6 Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation - The New York Times

Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You — ProPublica

What Facebook Knew and Tried to Hide - The New York Times

The Business of Internet Outrage - The New York Times

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