Cognitive Dissonance

Texas Baptist pastor who advocated executing women for abortion faces child sexual assault charges

Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax

Mark Taylor: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'Has Got to Be a Pedophile' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Rep Maxine Waters Is 'Activating Satan's Pastors' to Attack Trump | Right Wing Watch


Thank you to the guys at How To Heretic - CHECK THEM OUT

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Steve King Asks if There Would Be ‘Any Population’ Left Without Rape and Incest - The New York Times

#CuccinelliResign Trends on Twitter After Controversial Statue of Liberty Immigration Comments

Russian priest suspended for violently baptising baby blames mother for not being religious enough | Newshub

Rick Wiles: Jews Will Use Red Flag Laws to Disarm Christians and Kill Them | Right Wing Watch


Dave Warnock Dying Out Loud


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We chat about tragic stories presented as uplifting, AOC, minimum wage, and lunch debt.

School district that turned down donation will accept offer to pay off lunch debt 

AOC Thinks Concentrated Wealth Is Incompatible With Democracy. So Did Our Founders. 

Matt Walsh being a douche

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Josh Bernstein: Rep. Ilhan Omar Is a 'Jihadist Terrorist' Who Should Be Charged With Treason | Right Wing Watch


Liz Crokin: Trump Appointed Alex Acosta to Force the Media to Cover Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest | Right Wing Watch


Longtime Linden minister used oral sex in exorcism ritual, men cla

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