Cognitive Dissonance

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Singapore 'smiley-face' activist in one-man protest charged with unlawful assembly

DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air In Remote Utah Wilderness

Oregon man sues, alleging he went to doctor for distress over marital woes, only to find the physician was having an affair with his wife

Co-authors of paper on COVID-19 and jade amulets blame ‘the online press’ and social media for misinterpretation in retraction letter

Church patriarch dies from Covid-19 after leading open-casket funeral of bishop killed by the virus

For 15 Years Sweden Thought Enemy Submarines Were Invading Its Territory. It Turned Out To Be Herring Farts

After Malaria And Covid, British Man Survives Cobra Bite In Rajasthan

Biker with meth falls during race, accidentally shoots himself before getting hit by car

Mallacoota College investigated after 'totally unacceptable' sex doll incident on muck-up day

Mayor won’t order masks until Holy Spirit says so


Livestream to Save The Senate

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Join us for our Livestream to Save the Senate on Black Friday November 27th at 3pm CT

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Suspect tries to escape FBI agents using underwater "sea scooter" in frigid California lake

Josh Bernstein Urges Trump to Take 'Drastic Action' to Stop Democrats From Allegedly Stealing the Election

Canadians Are Being Warned Not To Let Moose Lick Their Cars (No, We're Not Joking)

Hanna Quinn, Blake Davis samurai murder trial: witnesses tell court of Jet McKee's final moments

An Oklahoma ‘cannibal’ illegally castrated a man, police said, and stored body parts in a freezer


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Stories from the Week

'He's Mad Cause He Knows It's Thanksgiving' Turkey Harasses Neighborhood

Voter fraud caught again in Bird of the Year competition

DC liquor stores sell more champagne after Trump loss than on last two New Years combined

Fact check: There is no evidence that Lady Gaga is a witch

This pale, sweaty robot hand wants to take romantic walks with you

Hokkaido city deploys 'monster wolf' robot to scare bears away from residential areas

Alabama police captain on social media about Biden voters: 'Put a bullet in their skull'




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Stories from the Week

A Florida man was mauled by a leopard after paying $150 for a 'full-contact experience'

Vladimir Marugov murder: Russian 'Sausage King' killed in sauna with a crossbow

Con Artists Summon "Genie", Sell "Aladdin's Lamp" To UP Doctor For 31 Lakh

Essex firefighters rescue three men from tumble dryer

Halloween: Texas homeowner told to remove risque pole-dancing skeletons

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Stories from the Week

Billionaire Bill Gross accused of blaring 'Gilligan's Island' theme song on loop at his neighbor

Costco drops Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of forced monkey labor, PETA says

Woman accused of impersonating prosecutor, dropping criminal charges against herself

Man Plummets Into Sinkhole As He Waits For Bus, Finds Horror Below

Florida deputy performs exorcism on child, instructs another to shoot intruders

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