Cognitive Dissonance

Right-Wing Outlet: Donald Trump May Be A Messiah

Bryan Fischer Says 'There's No Question' That Hillary Clinton 'Has Opened Her Life Up To Demonic Influence'

God Tells Jim Bakker Not To Believe The Polls Showing Trump Losing

Trump To Attend Ohio Pastors' Meeting Hosted By Tsunami-Stopping Prophet

Bryan Fischer Decries Name-Calling, One Day After Calling LGBT Activists 'Bigots' And 'Haters'

Joseph Farah: Hillary Clinton's Election Will Lead To God's Judgment On America

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Rush Limbaugh warns that federally paid 'lesbian farmers' could invade your town

Dave Daubenmire: Video Of Hillary Clinton Stumbling While Ill Really Shows Her Being Arrested

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Phil Robertson Offers To Baptize Trump On TV So 'We Would Know We Have God On Our Side'

Louie Gohmert: I Was Right That Hate Crimes Law Would Be 'Used Against Christians' (He Wasn't)

Donald Trump Imagines An America Where Everyone Lives 'Under One God'

KY Gov. Matt Bevin: Election Of Hillary Clinton May Call For Shedding Blood Of 'Tyrants' And 'Patriots'

Steve Quayle: Louisiana Flooding Was The Work Of 'A Weather Weapon'

Rick Joyner: 'There Is Much More Freedom Of Religion In Russia Than There Is In America'

Trump: Scalia Will Be 'The Ultimate Example' Of My Supreme Court Picks

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A mother beat her 7-year-old son with a coat hanger and used religious freedom as an excuse

David Duke: Trump Has Sent 'A Very Implicit, Almost Explicit' Message To White Nationalists

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Jim Bakker: People Are Trying To Kill Me For Believing The Bible

Stewart Rhodes Urges 'Real Men' To 'Go Armed To Church' To Fight ISIS


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Kevin Swanson: 'It's Amazing That God Has Not Judged America' For Gay Rights & Legal Abortion

Kevin Swanson Warns Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg & Mark Twain Are All Under The Control Of The Devil

Jim Bakker: Atomic Strike 'Wouldn't Do Any More Damage That What Abortion Has Done' -

Frank Pavone: Legal Abortion 'Like Several Atomic Bombs Have Already Gone Off On Our Own Soil'

Alveda King: Hillary Clinton Wants To 'Usher In The Antichrist'

Alveda King: Terrorists 'Pray' That We Have Abortions


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