Cognitive Dissonance

Obama calls out liberal “dogmatism” on college campuses

Christian homeschooler found guilty for locking girl in chicken coop and punishing her with a shock collar

Bataclan massacre was a 'message from God', claims pastor who hosted Republican candidates' conference, because murdered rock fans were 'devil worshippers'  

Kerala Devaswom chief wants machine to scan women for purity at Sabarimala

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ISIS Targeted Muslims in Paris

Ohio Woman Forced to Drive 300 Miles for Abortion—or Have a Stillborn Baby

Unhinged Christian activist harasses Katy Perry’s dad: Your kid’s videos are sending my son to hell

Vatileaks scandal: Vatican properties ‘used as brothels and massage parlours where priests pay for sex,’ claims report

Facilitated Communication Is a Cult That Won’t Die

Ben Carson mocks allies and defends anti-science views at religious college: ‘There’s no Canadian dream’

Pat Robertson: God Didn't Heal Cancer Victim Because Maybe She Hated Her Husband


RWW News: Bryan Fischer Says 'Satan Has An Agenda That He Is Working Through Our Current President'

Limbaugh Suggests European Countries "Set Themselves Up" For Terrorist Attacks


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After Church Leader is Convicted for Decade of Rape, His Community Blames the Victim

Pastor Kevin Swanson Calls For Executing Gays At Event Attended By GOP Candidates [VIDEO]

Maryland family faces harsh criticism after daughter is featured in ‘American Girl’ magazine

Christian evangelists upset with Starbucks’ red cups

‘Wyoming Has Gonorrhea’ Billboards Drawing National Attention

People Are Paying $10 for an App Where You Tap a Cactus for Luck

Lamb sacrifice performed for man days before he was ejected onto freeway sign

Twitter invents hilarious #BenCarsonWikipedia facts to mock candidate’s battle with reality

Nevada Republican with quack ‘cancer is a fungus’ cure loses healthcare business license

Michael Savage: Black Lives Matter Are Obama's Brownshirts And 'Secret Private Army'

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Christian website: Don’t look at your wife’s face during sex to enjoy it even when she resists

Christian marriage advisor: Use ‘fear and dread’ to control your wife — as God intended

Creationist Ken Ham’s bizarre ‘rebuttal’ of Bill Nye: Climate change ‘alarmists’ could push for mass killings

Ken Ham Worries That If We Allow Gay Marriage People Will Just Stop Wearing Clothes

Pat Robertson: Husband Should Make Financial Decisions Because 'God Has Made You The High Priest Of The Family'

Michael Savage: Obama Acting Like Hitler, But Attacking White Men

Linda Harvey: Halloween Hands Kids Over To Satan On A Silver Platter

Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID in gun rights, religious freedom lawsuit

Russian Orthodox Official Warns Eating Potato Chips Is 'Sinful'

PHOTO: An Orthodox bishop blesses Russian missiles for airstrikes in Syria

Barton: Teach Riflery In Public Schools To Eliminate Gun Violence And Accidents

Bryan Fischer: Obama Letting UN Impose Sharia Law On US Cities

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