Cognitive Dissonance

South Korean football team apologises for using sex dolls to fill stands

South Korean soccer team fined for using sex dolls in place of fans in empty stadium

Cell-tower attacks by idiots who claim 5G spreads COVID-19 reportedly hit US

Man sentenced to death in Singapore on Zoom call

‘Hot’ nurse disciplined for wearing bra and panties under see-through PPE gown

Cameroonian Pastor who claimed he could heal Coronavirus dies less than a week after contracting the disease

Pastor Who Claimed To Cure Coronavirus With Faith Dies Of Coronavirus

Police drone captures giant penis mown into West Cornwall field

Chuck E. Cheese Is Selling Pizza on Delivery Apps as 'Pasqually's'

Oregon Republicans Nominate QAnon Believer for US Senate

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Interview this week with Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh

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Stories from the Week

Ohioan, 50, Arrested After Calling 911 To Report That Her Pussy Was Ablaze

SEE IT: Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it ‘easier to breathe’

Naked Man, Woman Caught Running Through Tulsa Mall, Police Say

Man wears KKK hood while grocery shopping in California

Woman killed by alligator while doing homeowner's nails


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Stories from the Week

Kansas: Man drank cleaning product over weekend. Trump floated idea

False belief poison cures virus kills over 700 in Iran

UK police seek person dressing as plague doctor Coronavirus / 15 hrs

North Fond du Lac man accused of using stolen underwear to set fires

Owner of Fatte's Pizza in Atascadero robs Fatte's Pizza in Paso Robles at gunpoint, police say

Puma's Latest Trainers Go Viral As They Look Like Adolf Hitler

Jose Canseco is worried Bigfoot may have coronavirus

Conn. Man Allegedly Breaks Into Closed Restaurant and Spends 4 Days Eating, Drinking Its Supplies

Bing disables “trending” feature after wildly inappropriate results

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