Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Portland Mayor Hit With Tear Gas Deployed by Federal Agents

Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any US state

Trump Holds Up a Chart on Fox News That Shows He’s Lying, Then Lies About What It Says

Democrats Unveil Draft Foreign Policy Platform With Promises to End “Forever Wars” and “Regime Change”

Man faked death to avoid jail but typo gave him away

Fake hitman website used by woman wanting ex dead, cops say

Need to release stress? Scream into Iceland’s abyss.

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Stories from the Week

Woman wants half of $100K donated to Starbucks barista

He has screamed relentlessly’: Feral peacock divides Oakland neighborhood

Man high on drugs detained by police after biting seagull

Seagulls 'Drunk' From Eating Flying Ants May Pose A Danger To Humans

Famished NYC Rats Are Harassing Outdoor Diners

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Stories from the Week

Father's loss to young son in arm wrestling leads to shooting, 8-hour standoff: Police

Police: Man in stolen vehicle flees officers, crashes into woman in separate stolen vehicle in Newberg; both arrested

Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump—Opens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between

Lawsuit Says Atheist Parolee Spent 5 Months in Jail for Not Going to Bible Study


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Resources from the Deep Dive

Legal Sex Workers And Others In Adult Industry Denied Coronavirus Aid

Sex Trafficking in the United States

Is Legalizing Prostitution the Best Way to Tackle Sex Trafficking?

Survivors of Human Trafficking, in Their Own Words

Slavery's Global Comeback (episode 7)

Netflix: I am jane doe

"Human Trafficking" Has Become a Meaningless Term

The Sex Trafficking Panic Is Based On Myths

Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door

Sex-Worker Advocates Sue Over Internet 'Censorship' Law

Stamping Out Online Sex Trafficking May Have Pushed It Underground

Time to shut Pornhub down

A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on Pornhub

Florida Man Arrested After 58 Porn Videos, Photos Link Him To Missing Underage Teen Girl

Pornhub Under Fire After Videos Of Rapes, Sex Trafficking Victims Posted To Site

Pornhub has come under fire for allowing real rape videos

Netflix hot girls wanted 

How To Find Ethical Porn

8 Places To Watch Ethical Porn That Focuses On Female Pleasure, According To A Feminist Pornographer


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