Cognitive Dissonance (News and Politics)

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Herbal Abortions Are Going Viral on TikTok. They Could Kill You

Kinzinger hits back at Boebert's church and state remarks: 'We must oppose the Christian Taliban' | The Hill

2 NC workers fired for not joining company's daily Christian devotionals, EEOC says

Clarence Thomas wants to let anti-LGBTQ church sue because they were called a “hate group”

Nick Fuentes: SCOTUS reversal of Roe v Wade is 'like having Taliban rule in a good way' – DeadState

Supreme Court rules school district cannot prohibit football coach's prayers on field - CNNPolitics

Florida pastor arrested and charged for masturbating on Starbucks patio — for the second time – DeadState

Ginni Thomas' lawyer tries to get her out of Jan. 6 panel testimony, saying it's been a 'particularly stressful time' amid Supreme Court rulings

Stephanie Grisham shared texts that appear to show how Melania Trump refused to condemn violence during the Capitol riot

Giuliani appears to admit asking Trump for a pardon before quickly claiming he never did | The Independent

Supreme Court expands gun rights, with nation divided | AP News

Fears of violence against pro-choice protests intensify amid wave of attacks

Supreme Court Narrows Ruling for Tribes in Oklahoma – The Seattle Times

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How a Tulsa grandmother became a vicious Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist—in her own words.

Walking on Hot Coals: A Company Event Goes Wrong

Supreme Court Ruling Limits Local Ability to Restrict Guns Outside the Home

"I can see your screen”: Ron Johnson busted after saying he's on the phone to avoid Jan. 6 questions |

Texas Republican Convention calls Biden win illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn over gun talks

The Texas GOP is pushing for a referendum to decide if the state will secede from the US

Pete Arredondo, Uvalde School District Police Chief, Is Put on Leave - The New York Times

FFRF re: Jan. 6 testimony: Constitution is 'godless,' not 'divinely inspired'

Progressives Say Windfall Profits Tax a 'Better Solution' Than Biden's Gas Tax Holiday

Arrested Patriot Front Brothers Have Ties to Apocalyptic Christian Nationalist Church

Supreme Court: Maine cannot bar religious schools from tuition program - The Washington Post

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act Formula Comes Full Circle in Florida | Marci A. Hamilton | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia


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"It's actually healthy for us!" — Marjorie Taylor Greene touts the benefits of global warming

Officer Who Displayed Nazi Insignia Will Receive $1.5 Million to Resign - The New York Times

Fox Sports doesn't show 'Jeopardy' champ Amy Schneider throwing out first pitch

NJ law allowing terminally ill people to end their lives upheld by appeals court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on the Uvalde massacre: “God has a plan” |

Florida abortion ban violates Jews' religious freedom, lawsuit says | Reuters

'They need to be wiped out' Satanic Temple arson suspect told police | News |

U-Haul Full of White Supremacists, Preparing to Disrupt Pride Event, Arrested in Idaho | Vanity Fair

Catholic group launches 'Hide the Pride' anti-LGBTQ library campaign | The Hill

Lauren Boebert said Jesus didn't have enough AR-15s to prevent crucifixion / LGBTQ Nation

Court filing includes 9-page plan to occupy congressional buildings on January 6, 2021 - CNNPolitics

Man Given Tour of Capitol Complex by GOP Rep. Loudermilk Captured Yelling Threats During Riot, Report Says


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Laura Ingraham Admits Fox News Doesn't Care About 'The News' | Crooks and Liars

FBI arrests Michigan gubernatorial candidate on charges related to involvement in January 6 riot

Turning Point USA conference for young women leaders suggests their role is to get married and have babies | Media Matters for America

Milo Yiannopoulos is an intern for Marjorie Taylor Greene | The Hill

Two Weeks After Uvalde School Massacre, Texas GOP Vows Ban on... Taking Kids to Drag Shows

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Better way conference 


Televangelist Kenneth Copeland: Texas shooter was 'demon possessed' — so blame the Devil, not him – DeadState

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Right-wing extremist promises to “hunt” LGBTQ allies during Pride Month in shocking video

Guns are banned during Trump's speech at the NRA conference this week : NPR

Trump Endorsed Her. Now She Wants to Use State Power to 'Crush' the Left and Impose 'God's Moral Order'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Can't Figure Out Why People Are Picking On Murderous White Supremacists | HuffPost Latest News

Investigation Reveals Top Southern Baptists Stonewalled Sex Abuse Victims | HuffPost Latest News

Church embraces pastor who admits to 'adultery' despite victim saying she was 16

Executions and Civil War: A Preview of a Roe-Free America? | Right Wing Watch

Janet Porter Hopes to Apply the Strategy Behind Texas' 'Heartbeat Bill' to LGBTQ Issues in Public Schools | Right Wing Watch


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Thank you to our guest Steven Novella for joining us. Find out more about their new book The Skeptics' Guide to the Future at

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Taliban Impose Head-to-Toe Coverings for Women - The New York Times

'Hurricane Gun:' Trump Asked if China Was Launching Storms at US - Rolling Stone

OAN Finally Admits 'No Widespread Voter Fraud' After Settling Defamation Suit

U.S. police trainers with far-right ties are teaching hundreds of cops

Alex Jones explodes at caller over 'damn' QAnon: 'I have to put up with the Q people all over the place!' 

The QAnon Queen Told Followers They Didn't Need to Pay Bills. It Didn't End Well.

Opinion | I Lost My Baby. Then Antivaxxers Made My Pain Go Viral. - The New York Times

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10 key passages from Alito's draft opinion, which would overturn Roe v. Wade - POLITICO

Scoop: Esper says Trump wanted to shoot protesters

Madison Cawthorn Says 'Blackmail Won't Win' After Nude Thrusting Video Leaks | HuffPost Latest News

How Alex Jones' Conspiracy Empire Has Kept Itself Going Even While Being Banned From Social Media

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Preacher: Teachers "grooming" kids should be beheaded on live TV

Elon Musk says he wants free speech, but his track record suggests otherwise

California MAGA Candidate Claims God Will Commit Voter Fraud on Her Behalf to Help Her Win

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill creating new Florida election police force - CNNPolitics

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Christians who help immigrants and refugees are being 'controlled by Satan' – DeadState

Florida Atheist Uses State's New Book-Banning Law To Object To The Bible | HuffPost Latest News

Right-wing pastor: I will never criticize Trump 'because God chose the man' – DeadState

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Thank you to our guest Dave Warnock for joining us!

Find out more about Dave here: 


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Health Care Sharing Ministry Sharity Leaves 10K Families with Millions in Unpaid Bills

'ChristoFascism in a Nutshell': DeSantis Mocked for Banning Nearly Half of All Math Books Claiming CRT Indoctrination



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Six Years Later, A Creationist Theme Park Is Not Paying Off For Kentucky

Lawsuit: Tennessee Ex-Cop "Forcibly Baptized" Woman After Pulling Her Over To Search For Drugs [VIDEO] - Joe.My.God.

Hatchett job by House extremists presages trouble for our secular republic - Freedom From Religion Foundation

Christian evangelist Kenneth Copeland is still spreading lies about COVID



This resource is good for locating clinics in one's area. It also helps avoid Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Religious Groups disguised as a Clinic):

This Group helps those that need help paying for their abortion.

This organization is based in Texas, but they connect teens with legal aid groups all over the country. They help teens that need access to abortion get a Judicial Bypass:

Access To abortion pills when one can't reach a clinic:

Prochoice Options Hotline. This group helps fund abortion and does diaper drives:

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Rep. Matt Gaetz Votes Against Capping Insulin Prices, Says People Should Just Lose Weight – Mother Jones

Marjorie Taylor Greene says women “are the weaker sex… our husband’s wife”

Lauren Handy Claims to Have Actually Had 115 Fetuses | Washingtonian (DC)

Tennessee bill seeks marriage class for 'one man and one woman,' protects clerks | WZTV

Chelsea Doss Rose, Congressman John Rose' Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MAGA Candidate Mark Burns Urges Christians to Smash the Windows of Antifa Activists' Cars | Right Wing Watch

South Carolina House passes bill for doctors to deny care that violates 'conscience' – The Hill

Democrats unveil bill to impose ethics, recusal standards on Supreme Court | The Hill

Trump's trashing of Ukraine pays off for Russia: Republicans vote to reject NATO — and democracy |

Marjorie Taylor Greene Echoes QAnon, Calls Democrats 'Party of Pedophiles'

Paul Gosar blames staff for his appearance at white nationalist conference for the second year |

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls LGBTQ Movement 'Predatorial,' Promises Alex Jones Legislation | Right Wing Watch



Use code GLORY at !

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Guttmacher Institute

Bizzare 'diet cult' that lives without food and water caught its leader eating McDonald's - SCREENSHOT

Opinion | What the Ginni Thomas text furor warns about an outsize role of faith in politics - The Washington Post


JP cries again


* they asked me to do TWO things! what do you think I'm made of thoughts?

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Republican Senator Lashes Out at Marriage Equality in Supreme Court Hearing – Mother Jones

California MAGA Candidate Says She's Running Because Jesus Spoke to Her Son in a Closet

NC's anti-abortion lieutenant governor once paid for an abortion, according to old Facebook posts - Axios Charlotte

GOP Senator Mike Braun Claims He Didn't Mean to Say States Should Be Able to Ban Interracial Marriage, Despite Saying It Multiple Times | Vanity Fair

Marjorie Taylor Greene backs Madison Cawthorn and calls Zelensky a 'thug' despite outrage within own party | The Independent

Ketanji Brown Jackson: I Was Standing Up for the Constitution by Representing Guantánamo Prisoners | Democracy Now!

AOC exposes 'perfect' edges on book Cruz brandished at Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing 'proving he hasn't read it' | The Independent

Ted Cruz Had Some Important Questions About Racist Babies for Ketanji Brown Jackson

As GOP Blocks Funds, Federal Agency Ends Covid Coverage for Uninsured

Federal funding for COVID testing and treatment for the uninsured has run out


Satanic Pizza




Best Pizza


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Thank you to Seth Andrews for joining us and check out his book - paperback, audiobook, and signed copies available. 

American Atheist Convention 



Show Notes

Idaho passes Russian-style gay propaganda law that would jail librarians for “objectionable” books / LGBTQ Nation

Florida House passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Alabama becomes the 22nd state to allow people to carry concealed guns without permit - CNN

Garland says Jan. 6 investigation won't end until everyone is held accountable : NPR

Infamous Russian Troll Farm Appears to Be Source of Anti-Ukraine Propaganda — ProPublica



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Show Notes Using Facebook's Own Data to Understand the Platform's Role in Jan. 6 — ProPublica

Florida High School Student Suspended After Handing Out Pride Flags | HuffPost Latest News

Pandemic school lunch waivers to deal with supply chain crunch are at risk in spending bill | CNN Politics

God Fail: QAnon Texas Cultist Loses By 40 Points After Declaring That Jesus Had "Appointed" Her To The Seat - Joe.My.God.

Mark Meadows Put Mobile Home as His Residence When Registering to Vote - Rolling Stone

How Ordinary Lithuanians Are Fighting Russian Disinformation | Time

The launch of Trump's Truth Social app is not going well

Trump “Admired” Putin's Ability to Kill Whomever He Wanted: Ex-Staffer | Vanity Fair


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AUDIOBOOK (is gonna be out on monday which is now - ill add a link. i swear IM WORKING ON IT!!! i should probably delete this part and just leave a link)

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CPAC 2022: Majorie Taylor Greene, Candace Owens Get Crazy in Orlando - Rolling Stone

Tucker Carlson Claims Democrats Don't Allow Dissent

Tucker Carlson can't understand why Democrats say he's promoting Putin after he promoted Putin - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

Joe Rogan is spreading misinformation again and the internet is LOLing

Pat Robertson Insists Putin 'Compelled by God' to Invade Ukraine and Kick Off 'End Times'

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Thank you to our guest Dr. Kenneth Camargo 


Also OUR BOOK! The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit available now! 

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Colorado could become 3rd state to ban police from lying to kids during interrogations

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Paraguay: Colony Built to Escape the 'Matrix' Draws COVID-19 Anti-Vaxxers

Ottawa residents are using a heavy metal song about gay cowboys to get rid of anti-vaxx truckers / LGBTQ Nation

Christians argue First Amendment doesn't protect Satanic Temple as they try to cancel it / LGBTQ Nation

Conservative Christians start petition because they're “disgusted” by Super Bowl Halftime Show / LGBTQ Nation

Republicans Express Unease Over Trump Accounting Firm Rift

QAnon conspiracy theorist invents new conspiracy theory to explain why QAnon predictions never happened – DeadState

MAGA author shares cringey thoughts on Super Bowl halftime show and Twitter just can't with him / Queerty

A pastor baptized people for decades using one wrong word. Now those are all considered invalid - CNN

Tennessee preacher Greg Locke says demons told him names of witches in his church


Goddammit Newegg

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And listen to Citation Needed 


Show Notes

Right-wing pastor: I’ve studied the bible for 175,000 hours and ‘I’m 100% certain we’re in the last days’

AOC Says MTG 'Banned All Books From Her House' After 'Gazpacho' Gaffe

Fitness-Turned-Christianity Influencer Brittany Dawn Has Been Sued By The State Of Texas Over Her Fitness Programs

Air Force Denies Over 3,200 Religious Exemption Appeals for COVID Vaccine

Faith Healer Convinced Pregnant Woman That Hammering a Nail in Her Skull Would Result in Baby Boy

Tommy Tuberville: 'Ridiculous' to Ban Lawmakers From Trading Stocks

Trump took White House records. Is that the same as Hillary's emails?

Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump - The New York Times

Ted Cruz: 'Mistake' for GOP to Call January 6 an 'Insurrection'

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Show Notes

Joe Rogan Shares Incorrect Coronavirus Story Just 24 Hours After Apology | HuffPost Entertainment

'Word salad of nonsense': scientists denounce Jordan Peterson's comments on climate models | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Spotify support buckles under complaints from angry Neil Young fans | Ars Technica

Forensic investigators develop tools they say can find bodies |

Exclusive: Trump advisers drafted more than one executive order to seize voting machines, sources tell CNN - CNNPolitics

MAGA legal bombshell: Trump admits he wanted Pence to steal election

Garrett Soldano, Michigan Republican governor candidate, said rape victims shouldn't have abortions - The Washington Post

Trump’s Words, and Deeds, Reveal Depths of His Drive to Retain Power


Book Club Wrapup

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Show Notes

'I'm a Full Anti-Vaxxer Now': How the Conspiracists Are Winning Over Fresh Converts

Polish church says it's wrong to ask if abuse victim is gay | CTV News

Ending religion lessons in schools leads to overall decline in belief but not morals | Torsten Bell | The Guardian

Sean Hannity Sent Kayleigh McEnany A Post-Riot 'Playbook,' Newly Released Texts Show | HuffPost Latest News

Glenn Youngkin Sets Up Tip Line To Report Teachers And You Know What Pranksters Did Next | HuffPost Latest News

Psaki says Biden stands by pledge to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court | The Independent

GOP Rep Claims Without Irony That No President Has Attacked Press More Than Biden | HuffPost Latest News

Americans' trust in science now deeply polarized, poll shows | The Independent

Pritzker vetoes COVID-19 sick leave bill for school employees - Chicago Tribune

Book banning fever heats up in red states |

US House speaker Pelosi's stock trades attract growing following online | Reuters


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Clips from the following episodes:

Episode 564 31:29 - 35:00
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Gentlemen, you can't declare holy war in here! This is a Church! 24:25 - 35:37

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Show Notes Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID in jail file federal lawsuit: "They used us as an experiment" - CBS News

Florida Department of Health confirms Dr. Raul Pino put on leave for encouraging Orange County Department of Health employees to get vaccinated | 90.7 WMFE

DirecTV Dumps OAN, Leaving It With No Major TV Distributor

Praying for a Victory: Packed Supreme Court Takes Up Yet Another Christian Nationalist Cause | Religion Dispatches

California sues Christian "health care sharing ministry" for preying on consumers

Bojack Horsemen 


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Show Notes

Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Overwhelmingly Peaceful, Our Research Finds | Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University

Fauci heard on hot mic calling Roger Marshall 'a moron' after heated questioning | The Independent

Dr. Anthony Fauci's Spit-Roasting of Rand Paul Was Utterly Refreshing

Trump Hangs Up on NPR When Host Pushes Back on Election Lies - Rolling Stone


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Show Notes

Retract dangerous anti-vaxx religious advice, FFRF tells Sen. Ron Johnson - Freedom From Religion Foundation

Ted Cruz says GOP will impeach Biden if it retakes Congress — whether it's “justified or not” |

Pope Francis denounces “selfishness” of adopting dogs instead of kids / LGBTQ Nation

GOP Group Calls Out Trump's Enablers In Congress By Name In Scathing Fox News Ad | HuffPost Latest News


Please provide feedback on the segment of our show where we read Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World."
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Show Notes

Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax Because He's 'Too Old' to Understand the Internet

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Found Guilty of Aiding in Epstein's Sex Abuse - The New York Times

A Divided World United to Launch the James Webb Space Telescope - The New York Times

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls It 'Wise' to Bar Democrats Who Move to Red States From Voting

Rand Paul Inadvertently Tells The Truth About Republican Voter Fraud Claims | HuffPost Latest News


Shoutout to the band Good Thyme, "Those Without"

Ruined New Years Eve 

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Show Notes

Donald Trump defends COVID-19 vaccines during Candace Owens interview

Far-Right Stars Joe Oltmann, Jovan Pulitzer Fantasize They've Been Attacked With Anthrax

Dallas QAnon 'Cult' Is Now Drinking Terrifying Chemical Cocktail, Family Says

“Anti-5G” Pendant Banned In Netherlands Because Its Made With Dangerous Radioactive Material | IFLScience

US military has granted 0 religious exemptions for COVID vaccines | WTRF

Saudi Arabia: Yemeni Man Sentenced for Apostasy | Human Rights Watch

Democrats should apply Supreme Court's abortion decision to firearms - The Boston Globe


Left at the Valley Guest Spot

Year's End with Tom & Cecil of Cog Dis


Santa's big red coke! 

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Changing the story of homelessness. 


Show Notes

Italian Bishop Gives Children Harsh News: There Is No Santa Claus - The New York Times

Christian “Financial Guru” Dave Ramsey Sued for Religious Discrimination | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

What's your religion? In US, a common reply now is "None" | AP News

Atheists are among the most likely to be vaccinated for COVID — and white evangelicals are among the least - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

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Show Notes

California plans to be abortion sanctuary if Roe overturned

Pressley introducing resolution to strip Boebert of committee assignments

Lin Wood Says Marjorie Taylor Greene on Side of Devil, Deep State

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Lauren Boebert Over Christmas Gun Photo

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Show Notes

Dr. Bruce Boros and Six Others From Florida COVID Summit Fall Sick

Trump mocked over picture of him receiving honorary taekwondo black belt

Research: Disinformation stifles climate change talk, tips to help

Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure

The Unvaxxed Lefties Hiding in Plain Sight

Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions.

Hundreds of QAnon Believers Are Still in Dallas Waiting for JFK to Show Up

CPAC Bans 'Sesame Street' Characters From Attending Conference

Insulin price caps are on the horizon

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Keep supporting Vulgarity 4 Charity


Show Notes

Dr. Bruce Boros and Six Others From Florida COVID Summit Fall Sick

Trump mocked over picture of him receiving honorary taekwondo black belt

Megachurch leader who calls himself the 'son of God' charged with sex trafficking

Mike Lindell Blames a Vast GOP Conspiracy for His Supreme Court Failure

The Unvaxxed Lefties Hiding in Plain Sight

Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions.

Alex Jones guilty in all four Sandy Hook defamation cases

MAGA Institute Honors Sheriffs Who Defy Laws They Don’t Like


Direct download: cd604.mp3
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Show Notes

‘Detox’ routines won’t undo Covid vaccine, experts tell anti-vaxxers

Chakras, crystals and conspiracy theories: how the wellness industry turned its back on Covid science

Downers Grove District 99 High School Students Call BS on Parents' War on 'Gender Queer' Book

Opinion: Michael Flynn's comments on Christianity are outrageous but not surprising

Nearly all the jurors in the trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery are white. Here's how to keep that from happening again.

New Zealand QAnon fans believe Trump secretly arrested their prime minister two years ago

Parents protesting 'critical race theory' identify a new target: Mental health programs

House GOP Lawmaker Takes Credit For Infrastructure Funding He Voted Against

North Dakota Lawmaker Gets COVID, Forced To Miss His Anti-Vaccine Rally

Direct download: cd603.mp3
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Show Notes

Ted Cruz lays out the scenario for Texas to secede from the United States and appoint Joe Rogan president

Paul Gosar Tweets Anime Clip Showing Him Kill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

White supremacists use Charlottesville courtroom to spread hate

House passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill

'Brainwashing children!' Right-wingers attack Sesame Street's 'Big Bird' for promoting COVID vaccines

Packers' Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Taking Joe Rogan’s Advice On Treating COVID, Is Using Ivermectin

Duke study shows many pushing misinformation on social media want to cause chaos

Astroworld disaster fuels wave of satanic conspiracy theories on TikTok

Direct download: cd602.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes 

(if not displayed below go to our website

Here's what 'Let's Go, Brandon' actually means and how it made its way to Congress

QAnon believers gather for John F. Kennedy Jr. to return in Dallas

Covid Positive Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Skipped the Vaccine in Favor of a ‘Homeopathic or Holistic Immunization Treatment’

Direct download: cd601.mp3
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Make sure to follow Cara Santa Maria  

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LET'S PLAY A GAME.... guess the theme of the bumpers.

Show Notes

Trump says Republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 unless his bogus election fraud claims are 'solved'

Minneapolis Police Caught on Video 'Hunting' Activists

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to celebrate Columbus Day but failed miserably

Marjorie Taylor Greene rants that Fauci won't prescribe ivermectin 'even though it won a Nobel Peace Prize'

Mike Lindell now claims he's found people as old as 850 years who voted in 2020 election: report

Catholic priests in France tell police about all child sexual abuse allegations, even if heard in confession



Direct download: cd599.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Pope expresses 'shame' at scale of clergy abuse in France

It’s official: religious organisations pose a real threat to children

Priest Admits Stealing $30K from Church and Using It for Men He Met on Grindr


Facebook Outage Sends QAnon Followers into Conspiracy Frenzy

Facebook hastily switched off safeguards after Biden beat Trump, helping pave path to deadly Capitol riot: whistleblower


Dammit Idaho! 


Dammit France!


Fill this out 



Direct download: cd598.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Federal authorities cash in on safety box seizures as owners fight back

Self-proclaimed shaman accused of starting California fire said she was trying to boil bear urine: Police

Fox News host complains of being attacked by Trump fans for reporting facts on Arizona audit

Facebook Views Preteens as 'Untapped' Wealth, Documents Show

A pro-slavery petition is the latest racist incident at this Kansas City high school. Parents say they’ve had enough

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Into Law 'Critical Race Theory' Bill Limiting Teaching of Current Events Related to Race

Tennessee parents say some books make students 'feel discomfort' because they're White. They say a new law backs them up

Direct download: cd597.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Images of Border Patrol’s Treatment of Haitian Migrants Prompt Outrage)

Pentagon Acknowledges Aug. 29 Drone Strike in Afghanistan Was Tragic Mistake

Nolte: Howard Stern Proves Democrats Want Unvaccinated Trump Voters Dead

Memo shows Trump lawyer's six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election

Fact-Checking Is Actually Very Effective In Challenging Disinformation

MAGA Cultist Who Said He’d Shoot Anyone Trying to Vaccinate Him Now Has COVID

Shoutout to these bumpers!

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Show Notes

What Is Betadine? Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Promoting Gargling with Iodine

COVID Misinformation Pushed By Some Doctors Without Penalty : Shots - Health News

Donald Trump Predicts America Will End Within 3 Years

Ben Shapiro Proposes Secession in Wake of Gavin Newsom Victory

Nicki Minaj's Swollen Testicles Claim Dismissed by Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh

Trump responds to reporting about Gen. Milley's actions

As COVID-19 vaccine mandates rise, religious exemptions grow

Facebook Employees Were Worried About Divisive Algo Change: WSJ

Pastor dies from COVID after church told members 'not to worry' about virus because 'God is in control'

GOP Sen. Candidate to Church: Black Lives Matter Was Founded By Lesbian Witches

BMA drops opposition to assisted dying and adopts neutral stance

Christian Radio Host: Rape Victims Who Dress Like “Sluts” Are “Asking For It”

Lauren Boebert Says Government Should Be Run by 'Righteous Men and Women of God'

Who Is Owed Reparations? Larry Elder Argues Slave Owners Whose 'Legal Property Was Taken Away'


A classic Alex Jones meme

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Show Notes

Fact Check: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Misleading Remarks On The State's Abortion Law

QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Harass Northwest Side Hospital That Rejected Unproven Ivermectin Treatment For COVID Patient

3 Vermont state troopers resign after scheming to create 'fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards'

Recall candidate Larry Elder says sex ed ‘has no role in school’ in message to Rocklin church

Spanish bishop resigned over his love for a writer of satan-themed erotic fiction

United Airlines staff granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave

The Satanic Temple begins legal maneuver to skirt Texas' new abortion ban


Direct download: cd594.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Supreme Court Does Not Act on Texas' Near-Total Abortion Ban

TikTok Activists Troll Reporting Website After Texas' New Abortion Ban

Illinois Becomes the First State to Require Media Literacy Classes for High School Students

Ted Cruz Called Out For Sharing Fake Afghanistan Hanging Story

Purdue Pharma Is Dissolved and Sacklers Pay $4.5 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims

School District Says Students Can 'Become Spoiled' With Free Lunch

Gov. Tate Reeves on Mississippi Becoming World’s COVID Epicenter: “When You Believe in Eternal Life You Don’t Have To Be So Scared”

Joe Rogan COVID Diagnosis: Podcaster Reveals Medicines He's Taking\

Joe Rogan says he tested positive for Covid, took ivermectin

Wisconsin lawmaker with COVID-19 on ventilator, stable
Georgia cop who pushed people to take horse dewormer instead of vaccine dies from COVID-19

QAnon conspiracist dies from COVID-19 he called a hoax to the very end

3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid

Direct download: cd593.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

'Dear Dad, It's Just A Pinch' — Readers Share Letters Inspired By Vaccine Hesitancy

The FDA Is Begging You Not to Take Horse Dewormer for Covid-19

Dan Patrick Blames COVID-19 Surge On Black Residents

Alabama man threatens Walmart with "execution" for giving Covid shots

Mike Lindell Accuses TruNews of Being a 'Fake News' Front Established by Media Matters

Anti-Defamation League Calls On Maine Lawmaker To Apologize After Comparing Mills To Nazi Doctor

Former Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz Likens Mask Mandates to the Holocaust

North Carolina is child bride destination; bill could end it

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history

Christian Blogger Shames Working Moms: Your Kid May Have Sex If You’re Not Home

Opinion | A More Secular America Is Not Just a Problem for Republicans

Hospitals and Insurers Didn’t Want You to See These Prices. Here’s Why.

Taliban tell Afghan women to stay home because soldiers are 'not trained' to respect them

Zambian prophet trying to recreate resurrection of Jesus dies after being buried alive

Direct download: cd592.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Kabul’s Sudden Fall to Taliban Ends U.S. Era in Afghanistan

North Carolina is child bride destination; bill could end it

Biden administration approves largest increase to food assistance benefits in SNAP program history


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Direct download: cd591.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

'Expert Mathematician' on Election Fraud Actually a Swing Set Installer, Lawsuit Claims

Federal Judge Rejects Dismissal of Dominion Defamation Lawsuits

Tennessee pastor: Governor a 'coward,' 'chicks' in hospitals doing 'Tik Tok dances'

Woman Sues McDonald's, Saying Burger Ad Caused Her to Break Lent Fast

Pastor Already Accused of Raping Child Admits There’s a Second Victim

Federal government sends ventilators to Florida as DeSantis says he's unaware of shipment

Pastor Joshua Feuerstein says "you don't need the vaccine, you got Jesus" as Delta surges

Josh Mandel Vows to 'Blow Up the System' if Elected to US Senate, Says 'The Time for Civility Has Passed'

Direct download: cd590.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

New Jersey governor tears into group of vaccine protestors: 'You are the ultimate knuckleheads'

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the ‘mark of the beast’

Attendees at Republican event cheered Alabama’s low COVID vaccination rate

Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19

Trump's coup came so close to working — do the American people even care?

People are less tolerant of atheists expressing their beliefs at work compared to Christians, Muslims, or Jews

Pastor Tony Spell: “We Refuse to Comply” With Any Mask or Vaccine Mandates

Madison Cawthorn Tweet Sparks Suspicions He’s Part Of Trump’s Shadow ‘Cabinet’

Newt Gingrich Goes Full ‘Great Replacement Theory’ on Fox

 Arkansas' GOP governor wants to undo ban on mask mandates

Christian MAGA Cultists Claims COVID Vaccines “Violate… the Nuremberg Code”

MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church Members: “Do Not Get Vaccinated!”


Direct download: cd589.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Rep. Bentz (R-OR) on wildfires: “People tend to blame climate change” but the “true cause” is the “amount of wood.”

“Psychic Medium” Thomas John Fell for a Trap Created by a Group of Skeptics

'I'm in God's hands' | People give their reasons for and against getting the vaccine

Nearly one-quarter of white evangelicals refuse COVID-19 vaccine: study

D.C. officer testifies: "It was clear the terrorists perceived themselves to be Christians"

Nashville pastor Greg Locke threatens to kick out churchgoers who wear masks

Dave Daubenmire Says 'Dr. Fauci Is an Emissary of the Devil' Sent to Destroy Christians




A picture of nachos (for an unspecified reason)

Direct download: cd588.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

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Show Notes

Pro-Trump Group Files Motion Against FDA to Stop Covid-19 Vaccinations in U.S.

Noted Unvaccinated Trump Supporter Who Spread Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Dies of COVID-19

As Virus Resurges, G.O.P. Lawmakers Allow Vaccine Skepticism to Flourish

Companies claim there’s a labor shortage. Their solution? Prisoners

Norwegian women's beach handball team fined for not playing in bikinis

Direct download: cd587.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus soloists 'received death threats' after satirical song is misunderstood

Amid Catholic opposition, states are legalizing composting of human remains

Geocaching While Black: Outdoor Pastime Reveals Racism And Bias

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slashes Lauren Boebert For Call To End Government Benefits

Facebook Data Showed Right-Wing Echo Chamber, Execs Were Unhappy: NYT

Analysis | Why Facebook really, really doesn’t want to discourage extremism


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Direct download: cd586.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

There Are Growing Calls to Finally Tax the Catholic Church

Catholics Who Couldn’t Raise $25m for Abuse Victims Found $300m for Buildings

Ex-Vatican adviser faces trial after telling gay men he could 'cure' them with sex

Archbishop fuels more anger by saying the church is being persecuted over residential schools

‘It shakes you to your core’: the anti-abortion extremists gaining ground on the right

Lauren Witzke Says the Equality Act Will 'Illegalize Jesus Christ'

MTG Compares Biden Vaccine Push to Nazis After Apology for Holocaust Comparisons

Swimming caps for natural black hair ruled out of Olympic Games

Namibia female runners banned from Olympic 400 meters over high testosterone levels

Olympics Banned Black Female Athlete For Five Years After Having An Abortion

How Black women athletes are being scrutinized ahead of the Olympics despite their successes



Direct download: cd585.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Direct download: cd584.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

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Show Notes

Over 150 Texas Hospital Workers Are Fired or Resign Over Covid Vaccine Mandate

Direct download: cd583.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Justice Department national security chief resigns over snooping on Democrats

Some Indian Villages Are Refusing COVID Vaccines Due to Religious Superstitions

Teachers Across the Country Are Protesting Laws That Stop Them From Talking About Systemic Racism – Mother Jones

McConnell All But Admits He Would Never Confirm a Biden Supreme Court Pick

Ron Johnson: People Will Die If YouTube Won’t Let Me Give Them Terrible Medical Advice

FBI Warns Lawmakers That QAnon Supporters May Get More Violent: Report

Rep. Jim Jordan Outraged About DOJ Refusal To Investigate Italian Space Laser Election Fraud

'Nowhere Else To Go': Sister Lucy, Who Protested Against Rape Accused Bishop, Expelled From Convent

Direct download: cd582.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax

‘I don’t believe in evolution, I believe in God’: Marjorie Taylor Greene argues Covid escaped from Wuhan lab

Mary Margaret Kreuper, retired nun, pleads guilty to stealing more than $830,000 from St. James Catholic School - The Washington Post

Bill Donohue Condemns “Anti-Catholic” Ad That Helps Child Sex Abuse Victims

Direct download: cd581.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Trump Administration Secretly Seized Phone Records of Times Reporters

Trump Shuts Down His Blog, Frustrated By Its Low Readership

Anti-vax evangelical pastor Rick Wiles hospitalized with COVID-19, given oxygen

Stimulus Checks Substantially Reduced Hardship, Study Shows

Michele Bachmann Claims the 'Progressive Left' Carried Out the Capitol Insurrection to Put Trump Down the 'Memory Hole'

Self-Proclaimed 'Prophet' Robin Bullock Says Those Who Mock Him Will Be Driven Insane by God

Direct download: cd580.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Rand Paul Is Now A Covid Death Toll Denier

Covid Saudi Arabia: Anyone refusing vaccine banned from travel and gatherings

Auschwitz Memorial calls Greene Holocaust comments a 'sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline'

Jim Bakker: I Was Imprisoned Due to “Cancel Culture” (It Was Actually Fraud)

Catholic priest who spread COVID lies blames 'cancel culture' for his forced resignation

How Ted Cruz Ended up Sharing Russian Propaganda in US Military Attack

Direct download: cd579.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

WATCH: Fox host says vaccinating children is 'disgusting' — and suggests it will be a 2022 GOP issue

The Pandemic Created a Child-Care Crisis. Mothers Bore the Burden.

Victims Say a Church Ministry Promoted Body-Shaming, Fighting, Cruelty, and More

The Cause of America’s Post-Truth Predicament

When a Black homeowner concealed her race, her home's appraisal value doubled

Katie Porter Bashes Big Pharma Executive


Direct download: cd578.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Indian doctors warn against cow dung as COVID cure

Conspiracist: The Unvaccinated Are Being Treated Just Like Jews in the Holocaust

The volunteers using 'honeypot' groups to fight anti-vax propaganda

Why Won't Tucker Carlson Say If He's Taken the Vaccine? We're Just Asking Questions

Florida reports more than 10,000 COVID-19 variant cases, surge after spring break

Gas Pipeline Hack Leads to Panic Buying in the Southeast

Listener Messages

Fucker Darlson Tik Tok


Direct download: cd577.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel arrested for misdemeanor battery

School nurse who said masks were harmful to students suspended

Tests from 1993 killing reveal another man's DNA other than executed Arkansas inmate


TRIGGER WARNING (Ted Cruz mentioned)

Ted Cruz's warning to 'woke CEOs' blasted by former government ethics boss

TRIGGER WARNING (Ted Cruz mentioned)


US Vaccine Hesitancy Is Nothing New. Here's How The Polio Vaccine Overcame It : Shots - Health News

Taking ‘Extraordinary Measures,’ Biden Backs Suspending Patents on Vaccines  


The History Guy

Direct download: cd576.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

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Show Notes

George W. Bush Can’t Paint His Way Out of Hell

Fox host urges viewers to call Child Protective Services on kids wearing masks

Perspective | Tucker Carlson’s latest idiocy on masks is dangerous and hypocritical even by his usual standards

Miami private school says vaccinated teachers “may be transmitting something from their bodies.”

Rick Santorum Says 'Nothing' Was In America Before White Colonizers Arrived

Anti-vaxxer brags to C-SPAN: 'I've got the best doctor in the world and his name is Jesus Christ'

Direct download: cd575.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

How Darnella Frazier's Video Upended The Minneapolis PD's Initial Tale

FedEx mass shooter was brony who hoped to see Applejack in the afterlife

The MyPillowGuy's social media launch is a glorious disaster

Tucker Carlson was real worried about his college yearbook. Now we know why

Direct download: cd574.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Former Buffalo officer who stopped fellow cop's chokehold on suspect will get pension after winning lawsuit

Virginia town police defends officers' initial actions in traffic stop

Without his Twitter account, Trump's conspiracy theories find little traction

Facebook could have stopped 10 billion impressions from "repeat misinformers", but didn't: report

Far-Right Extremists Unite to Peddle COVID-19 Vaccine Disinformation

Iranian state TV cut away from Tottenham vs Manchester United over 100 times due to female referee

Liz Cheney's Answer On If She'd Ever Vote For Trump Stumps Fox News Anchor



Tom and Cecil appearance on The Thinking Atheist  


Tom and Cecil on the Scathing Atheist 



Direct download: cd573.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

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Show Notes

Five hitmen jailed after every single one hired the other to carry out a murder that was never committed

Biden White House Easter remarks included zero mentions of Jesus

GOP Group Warns Donors Not to Opt Out of Monthly Donations

Tucker Carlson Defends 'Zip-Tie Guy' Capitol Riot Suspect Munchel


Direct download: cd572.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Ever Given Ship Grounded in Suez Canal Has Been Freed; QAnon Adherents Still Convinced It Is Hillary Clinton's Human Trafficking Vessel

Dallas actor Luke Coffee trusted QAnon in Capitol riot

Can you be fired over your sex life? Dave Ramsey thinks so

Assclown Alert: Pastor John Hagee said Jesus is the 'true vaccine,' but he got a shot in the arm anyway

The Catholic Church silently lobbied against a suicide prevention hotline in the US because it included LGBT resources

Arkansas governor signs bill allowing medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people

Georgia Voting Law: What You Need To Know About New Restrictions


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Direct download: cd571.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Lauren Boebert ridiculed for claims no gun laws could have stopped Colorado shooter

'Lauren Boebert Is So Dumb' Trends With Jokes After Republican's Strange Gun Tweet

Critics Tell GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert What To Do With Her 'Prayers' After Boulder Shooting

Survivor of Colorado Shooting: “Satan Hasn’t Won Today… Jesus Has Won”

12 prominent people opposed to vaccines are responsible for two-thirds of anti-vaccine content online: report

Anti-Vaxxers Are Already Big Mad About Krispy Kreme's Free Doughnut Offer


Direct download: cd570.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Pastor who Heals people by Farting on their Faces, claims he farts the Holy Spirit

Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio removes Trump figure because people keep punching it

Glitterbomb Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

Atlanta massage parlor shooting suspect had passion for guns: report

Suspect in Atlanta Spa Attacks Is Charged With 8 Counts of Murder

Georgia officer condemned for saying Atlanta shooter was 'having a bad day'

FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 2

In Rage Over Sarah Everard Killing, ‘Women’s Bargain’ Is Put on Notice


(don't) load on me
when you're in a thong
And i'll be your friend
I'll help you go to (use code GLORY)

Direct download: cd569.mp3
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Show Notes

House Gives Final Approval to Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Bill

Study suggests that the modern anti-vaccine movement is shaped by Christian nationalist ideology

Disgraced Bigot Milo Yiannopoulos: I’m “Ex-Gay,” “Sodomy Free,” and Catholic

"Pro-Life" Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill Imposing Death Penalty for Abortion

Direct download: cd568.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Disinformation And Conspiracy Theories: Experts Work To Deprogram Americans

St. Louis Archdiocese calls J&J vaccine 'morally compromised,' urges Catholics to seek alternatives

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, explained

India's new 'cow science' exam politicizes sacred animal, critics say

Direct download: cd567.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS (our clips channel)

Show Notes

Democrats’ Big Tent Helped Them Win. Now It Threatens Biden’s Agenda.

Illinois Becomes 1st State To Eliminate Cash Bail

Nashville Bomber Anthony Warner Was a Conspiracy Theorist

Mom Who Makes $150K a Month from OnlyFans Says Catholic School Expelled Her 3 Sons Because of Her Page


Direct download: cd566.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

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Direct download: cd565.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Releases Absurd Conspiracy Infomercial

Over 100 Anti-Trump Ex-Republicans Held Zoom Call to Plot New Breakaway Party, Says Report

These QAnon followers believe Trump is still secretly president — and has been carrying out public executions at the White House

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may charge Donald Trump with election fraud in Georgia.

Iran cleric: People who are vaccinated for COVID have ‘become homosexuals


Direct download: cd564.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

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Show Notes

Former QAnon Follower To Anderson Cooper: 'I Apologize For Thinking That You Ate Babies'

Nuns Sold Orphaned Children to Sexual Predators: Report


Direct download: cd563.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats in 2018 and 2019 before running for Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene Theorized Space Laser Beam Sparked California Wildfire

Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes In Frazzledrip, QAnon’s Wildest Conspiracy

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to force Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to retake their oaths on a Bible

Hospital incursions by Covid deniers putting lives at risk, say health leaders

Man Arrested After Allegedly Injecting People With Fake COVID-19 Vaccine

Owasso second grader expelled for telling another girl she had a crush on her

Trump Has Changed White Evangelicals' Views On Morality In One Major Way

Judge: Charges still stand against pastor Tony Spell for violating COVID-19 crowd limits

QAnon Believers Are Pushing New Trump Conspiracy Theories on TikTok

Pastor Scott Lively claims God allowed Trump to lose election for being pro-LGBT

Priest who conducted elections-related exorcisms leaves Madison Diocese

Hank Kunneman Says God Hates Those Who Call Him a False Prophet for Falsely Prophesying Trump's Reelection

Brenden Dilley Laments That Trump Was Not 'As Authoritarian As We Hoped'

Johnny Enlow Says Trump Is 'Recognized From Heaven' as the 'Primary Government Leader of Planet Earth'


Direct download: cd562.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Commentary: It’s time to raise the cost of spreading conspiracy theories

Traditional Catholics Lose It After Pope Francis Says Women Can Serve in Mass

Catholic Cardinal Claims COVID Vaccine Contains Microchip with Mark of the Beast

India to hold nationwide 'cow science' exam | Religion News

Egyptian woman arrested for baking 'indecent' cakes

Pastor Who Advised Obama and Bush Is Sentenced to 6 Years for Cheating Investors Pastor Who Advised Two Presidents Is Sentenced to 6 Years for Cheating Investors

Police Investigate Arson of Historic ‘Halloween House' in Poughkeepsie

Christian Textbooks Are Already Rewriting the Obama and Trump Presidencies

Lin Wood Claims Clinton, Pence, and Chief Justice Roberts Conspired to Murder Federal Judges

Johnny Enlow Says the College Football National Championship Game Is Prophetic Confirmation Trump Will Remain President

The Trump Prophecies: A Look Back at Some of the Self-Proclaimed 'Prophets' Who Guaranteed Trump's Second Term

Misinformation went down after Twitter banned Trump


Direct download: cd561.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Trump Staffers Are Mysteriously Having Trouble Finding a New Job

“Prophet” Jeremiah Johnson Apologized for Falsely Predicting that Trump Would Win… Then He Received Death Threats from Trump Supporters

Greg Locke Alleges Mitch McConnell Was Controlled by Illuminati Hand Signals During Election Certification

Teen Names Family Who Harassed A Black Woman On Video

A Call For Evangelical Reckoning On Trump : Insurrection At The Capitol: Live Updates

Evangelical Christians back Trump remarks on Capitol riot and Biden

How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism

John Guandolo Says Members of Congress Should Be 'Swinging From a Rope'

Why Remove Trump Now? A Guide to the Second Impeachment of a President

Millions Flock to Telegram and Signal as Fears Grow Over Big Tech

Irish government to apologise over mother-and-baby homes

Police: Ky. man driving drunk with baby caused fatal crash

Man Arrested in Capitol Siege Asked God For Guidance First: “I Never Heard a No”

PayPal Cuts Off GiveSendGo

These are the platforms that have banned Trump and his allies


Cadbury Yuck


Spreadsheet (i listen to the end of the show)





Direct download: cd560.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

The Trump Era Ends in Disaster in Georgia


Direct download: cd559.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT


Nashville Christmas bomber's girlfriend warned he was building explosives

Feds investigate evidence Nashville bomber hunted ‘lizard people,’ other alien beings

'It was a missile strike': Trump fans go nuts claiming Nashville bomb was Chinese plot to steal election

Nashville mayor says Trump still hasn't reached out to him about bombing

Attorney for Blackwater murder victim: Trump's pardons "a slap in the face" to U.S. justice

Mitch McConnell Blocks $2,000 Stimulus Checks in Monstrous Act of Casual Cruelty

Operation Warp Speed at a crawl: Adequately vaccinating Americans will take 10 years at current pace

Trump: Vaccine Distribution Is The States' Problem, Not Mine!

Convicted of healthcare fraud, Philip Esformes walks free

Fraud Doctor Andrew Wakefield Now Lying About COVID RNA Vaccine

Direct download: cd558.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

<3 to all! You made 2020 survivable.

Direct download: cd557.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 6:18pm CDT

Show Notes

Rick Scarborough Warns About the Dangers of Allowing Children to Believe in Santa

'Hell freezes over': Internet stunned as top Evangelical tells Trump to concede defeat

Catholic Church's insurance company in financial trouble over abuse payouts

Christian prayer group and Native Americans face off at Serpent Mound

As churches prove 'fertile ground' for conspiracy theories, some pastors are taking a stand

Jill Duggar's Husband Derick Dillard Reveals the TMI Reason the Family Marries Young

Direct download: cd556.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Government study shows taxpayers are subsidizing “starvation wages” at McDonald's, Walmart

MAGA Marchers and Proud Boys Descend on D.C., Setting Fire to Churches' Black Lives Matter Signs and Getting into Stabbing Fights [Updated]

South Africa's chief justice unrepentant for linking Covid vaccines to satanism

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accused of inciting violence after saying Biden will be removed ‘one way or the other’

QAnon Ideology Is Infiltrating the Natural Parenting Community

Man Is Jailed After Taking Jet Ski Across Irish Sea to See Girlfriend


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Show Notes

US Declined a Pfizer Offer

Bombshell report outs Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for lying to people about COVID-19

California Protester Says She'd Rather 'Put a Bullet in My Head' Than Take COVID Vaccine

Trump supporters on why they don’t wear masks: We don’t have the ‘vibrational frequencies’ to get coronavirus

Covid: 'How a picture of my foot became anti-vaccine propaganda'

Roger Stone Says North Korean Boats Delivered Ballots Through Maine Harbor As Trump Boosts Fraud Claims


Direct download: cd554.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT


Ripass Rudy 


Rudy's star witness 


Anti-LGBTQ school board member ends career on bum note

Hungarian anti-gay MEP resigns after breaking lockdown to attend orgy

Mysterious monolith appears in ROMANIA after one vanished from Utah

Racists Destroy California Monolith, Proclaim Christ Superior to Aliens

Kazakhstani bodybuilder marries sex doll after whirlwind romance


Donald Trump Just Paid $3 Million to Expand Joe Biden’s Margin of Victory

Sidney Powell's Kraken Lawsuits Mocked for Typos and More

People Can't Believe Donald Trump's Tiny-Looking Desk For His Thanksgiving Rant Isn't A Joke


'Fake news' about a Covid-19 vaccine has become a second pandemic, Red Cross chief says

There's a big obstacle looming for coronavirus vaccines — a strong antivaccine movement

Online Anti-Vax Communities Have Become A Pipeline For QAnon Radicalization





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Direct download: cd553.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Show Notes

Singapore 'smiley-face' activist in one-man protest charged with unlawful assembly

DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air In Remote Utah Wilderness

Oregon man sues, alleging he went to doctor for distress over marital woes, only to find the physician was having an affair with his wife

Co-authors of paper on COVID-19 and jade amulets blame ‘the online press’ and social media for misinterpretation in retraction letter

Church patriarch dies from Covid-19 after leading open-casket funeral of bishop killed by the virus

For 15 Years Sweden Thought Enemy Submarines Were Invading Its Territory. It Turned Out To Be Herring Farts

After Malaria And Covid, British Man Survives Cobra Bite In Rajasthan

Biker with meth falls during race, accidentally shoots himself before getting hit by car

Mallacoota College investigated after 'totally unacceptable' sex doll incident on muck-up day

Mayor won’t order masks until Holy Spirit says so


Livestream to Save The Senate

Direct download: cd552.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Join us for our Livestream to Save the Senate on Black Friday November 27th at 3pm CT

Show Notes

Suspect tries to escape FBI agents using underwater "sea scooter" in frigid California lake

Josh Bernstein Urges Trump to Take 'Drastic Action' to Stop Democrats From Allegedly Stealing the Election

Canadians Are Being Warned Not To Let Moose Lick Their Cars (No, We're Not Joking)

Hanna Quinn, Blake Davis samurai murder trial: witnesses tell court of Jet McKee's final moments

An Oklahoma ‘cannibal’ illegally castrated a man, police said, and stored body parts in a freezer


Direct download: cd551.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Stories from the Week

'He's Mad Cause He Knows It's Thanksgiving' Turkey Harasses Neighborhood

Voter fraud caught again in Bird of the Year competition

DC liquor stores sell more champagne after Trump loss than on last two New Years combined

Fact check: There is no evidence that Lady Gaga is a witch

This pale, sweaty robot hand wants to take romantic walks with you

Hokkaido city deploys 'monster wolf' robot to scare bears away from residential areas

Alabama police captain on social media about Biden voters: 'Put a bullet in their skull'




Direct download: cd550.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Stories from the Week

A Florida man was mauled by a leopard after paying $150 for a 'full-contact experience'

Vladimir Marugov murder: Russian 'Sausage King' killed in sauna with a crossbow

Con Artists Summon "Genie", Sell "Aladdin's Lamp" To UP Doctor For 31 Lakh

Essex firefighters rescue three men from tumble dryer

Halloween: Texas homeowner told to remove risque pole-dancing skeletons

Direct download: cd549.mp3
Category:News and Politics -- posted at: 5:00am CDT

Stories from the Week

Billionaire Bill Gross accused of blaring 'Gilligan's Island' theme song on loop at his neighbor

Costco drops Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of forced monkey labor, PETA says

Woman accused of impersonating prosecutor, dropping criminal charges against herself

Man Plummets Into Sinkhole As He Waits For Bus, Finds Horror Below

Florida deputy performs exorcism on child, instructs another to shoot intruders

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Ten Years Later: The Lasting Impact of the 2009 NAS Report

Badly Fragmented Forensic Science System Needs Overhaul - Evidence to Support Reliability of Many Techniques is Lacking

A call for more science in forensic science

Science organizations renew call for independent U.S. committee on forensics

We Must Strengthen the "Science" in Forensic Science - Scientific American Blog Network

Is Crime Forensics Flawed?

Q&A: The U.S. Department of Justice scrapped independent forensics panel, but the scientific questions ‘are not going away’

Jeff Sessions Is Keeping Junk Science in America's Courts

Another Reprieve for Expert Testimony That Is Anything But

Junk Science Is Being Used to Convict Innocent People - ATTN:

The Fascinating Physics of Blood Splatters

Reversing the legacy of junk science in the courtroom

Forensics gone wrong: When DNA snares the innocent

Should We Trust Forensic Science?

Lives in Balance, Texas Leads Scrutiny of Bite-Mark Forensics

Forensic science is biased and inaccurate, but juries believe it and convict the innocent.

Serrita Mitchell DNA: The unsettling, underregulated world of crime labs.

Episode 94: The Goofy Pseudoscience Copaganda of TV Forensics

The Appeal Podcast: The Pseudoscience behind Forensic Science

Faulty Forensics: Explained

The Innocence Files

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Stories from the Week

Polar bear attacks and damages Leonardo helicopter

Airborne Yom Kippur ritual for locked down Melbourne Jews

OC sheriff’s deputies who lied on reports testify that they didn’t know it was illegal

Texas residents warned of tap water tainted with brain-eating microbe

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Stories from the Week

Scientists baffled by orcas ramming sailing boats near Spain and Portugal

8 Essential Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Rulings to Know About

MTA board to formally ban pooping in NYC subway

Oregon man allegedly shot self in groin while showing off gun in supermarket: report

Gig Economy Company Launches Uber, But for Evicting People

This guy is letting his Twitter followers control his vibrating butt plug

Sexual self-care with 'Coregasms,' exercised-induced orgasms

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Stories from the Week

'How can you be OK with this?' CNN's Pamela Brown presses Sen. Kennedy on Trump audio

An 80-year-old who disappeared while out hiking turned up at his own missing person appeal

Church leader who claims coronavirus is ‘God’s punishment’ for same-sex marriage tests positive. He’s 91 years old

Jelly Belly founder hosting online treasure hunt, winner gets candy factory

Man Blows Up Kitchen While Trying To Swat Fly

Albany man rescued from Lake George by priests on a floating tiki bar

Kentucky driver pulled over after officer spots hand-drawn license plate


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Stories from the Week

UH expert explains latest CDC numbers which she says changes nothing about COVID-19

Republican Congress Member Threatened Demonstrators In A Post

Barr says "epidemic" of police brutality against Black people is "false narrative"

Little girl drifts out to sea on inflatable unicorn, gets rescued by ferry

3-year-old girl safe after being lofted by kite in Taiwan

Man arrested for going through Taco Bell drive-thru naked, says his clothes were in washer

Woman's Blocked Toilet Caused By Family Of Snakes Living Inside It

Giant 770-pound crocodile trapped near Aussie tourist spot

Get naked, and other advice to fend off a polar bear attack

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’


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Stories from the Week

Fauci Says He Was Under Anesthesia When CDC Changed COVID-19 Testing Guidelines

FDA’s promotion of post-COVID plasma treatment was as bad as it appeared

US Town Rejects Solar Farm Amid Worries It Would "Suck Up All The Energy From The Sun"

'Separar não posso, ia escandalizar o nome de Deus', diz Flordelis

Trump World Favorite Persuader Scott Adams Sees 'Satanic Coincidences' in Biden Campaign

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Stories from the Week

Anti-vaccine group sues Facebook, claims fact-checking is “censorship”

Romanian Billionaire Poisoned by Call Girl at Sex Club Featuring ‘Virgin’ Ponies


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