Cognitive Dissonance

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Congressman Ken Buck says he is being evicted after refusing to vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House - CBS Colorado

Third Trump Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty: Kenneth Chesebro to Cooperate With Georgia Prosecutors : r/politics

Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia Trump election case | AP News

Sidney Powell pushes claims that 2020 election was rigged and prosecutors 'extorted' her after she pleaded guilty to election interference

Jenna Ellis, former Trump attorney, reaches plea deal in Georgia election interference case – WSB-TV Channel 2

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis cries in court after pleading guilty. : r/PublicFreakout

MAGA Diehards Are Furious Jenna Ellis Pleaded Guilty After Raising $200K

Mariannette Miller-Meeks says she got death threats after voting against Jordan in speaker’s race

White Supremacist Killer Testifies He Was Radicalized by Conspiratorial Content Like Infowars

Mark Meadows Spills to Special Counsel About Trump's Election Lies: Report

Tom Emmer Flames Out Hours After Winning GOP Speaker Nomination - The Messenger

Well, We Have a Speaker. He’s an Election Denier and an Extreme Christian Fundamentalist. | The New Republic

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Trump furious at GOP lawmaker for ruining plan to inject reality TV drama into Speaker race: report - Raw Story

Trump Shows Love To 'Hannibal Lecter' In Killer Blunder At Iowa Rally

‘A.I. Obama’ and Fake Newscasters: How A.I. Audio Is Swarming TikTok - The New York Times

Vaccine Scientist Warns Antiscience Conspiracies Have Become a Deadly, Organized Movement - Scientific American

Florida Villages Man Charged in Viagra Smuggling Operation Faces Hard Time

Couple suing Disney World claims water slide caused 'painful wedgie,' severe injury - KTVZ

German museum employee swaps painting for fake and sells original to fund ‘luxury lifestyle’ | CNN

PSP: Man driving a tractor arrested twice for DUI in 17 minutes in Lancaster County

Cult of self-proclaimed 'Queen of Canada' threatens Sask. village with public executions | CBC News

Amish men ‘shunned’ after nationwide emergency alert outs them for having phones | The Independent

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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Should Be Executed: Christian Commentator

Trump Organization Exec Admits He Considered Fraud Part of the Job | The New Republic

False Claims Around Israel Attacks Include Recycled Videos and a Game Clip

Verified accounts spread fake news release about a Biden $8 billion aid package to Israel

US Congressman Santos faces more campaign finance charges | Reuters

Republicans Pick Man Who Compared Himself to David Duke as Next House Speaker | The New Republic

Former Ohio State University wrestlers say Jim Jordan betrayed them and shouldn't be House speaker

Mike Lindell’s Entire Legal Team Quits En Masse—Because He Hasn’t Paid Them

RFK Jr. Is a Lesson for MAGA World: Be Careful What You Wish For | Opinion

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“In the Shitter”: Democratic Rep. Reads Out Entire List of Trump Crimes | The New Republic

First co-defendant in Trump Georgia election case pleads guilty

Death of Dianne Feinstein: Newsom Faces Pressure to Quickly Appoint a Replacement - The New York Times

Hours After Gag Order, Trump Launches Fresh Vitriol Against New York Judge

Tennessee Woman Denied Medically Necessary Abortion Is Running For Office

Idaho Banned Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births. — ProPublica

Kevin McCarthy ousted as House Speaker in historic vote | Reuters

Nobel Prize goes to scientists who made mRNA COVID vaccines possible

Anti-Vaxxers Think an Emergency Phone Alert Will Cause a Zombie Apocalypse

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Tortoise escapes from Pennsylvania vet clinic for third time -


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The second Republican primary debate, in 3 minutes

NASA's new policy chief took her oath on a copy of Carl Sagan's "Contact"

Misinformation research is buckling under GOP legal attacks

Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do

Texas death row inmate at mercy of supreme court – and junk science | Capital punishment | The Guardian

Will the Trumps lose their homes? NY judge who dissolved Trump Org is cryptic at a tense hearing

This Footnote on Trump Boasting About His Saudi Line of Credit Is Terrifying | The New Republic

Mark Milley Taking ‘Safety Precautions’ After Trump Attack | HuffPost Latest News

My President Joined a Picket Line | The Nation

Most unionized US rail workers now have new sick leave | Reuters


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