Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Chris Wallace calls Rush Limbaugh a hypocrite -- to his face: 'You were outraged' over Obama's executive actions

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Catholic cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda' - BBC News

White House moves forward with wall funding despite lawsuits - CNNPolitics

USC Forced To Investigate After Church Of Scientology Allegedly Forges Letter From Professor | Daily Wire

Italy’s Schoolteachers Are Being Taught to Deal With the Devil

West Virginia lawmaker says there’s no reason to punish him for comparing LGBTQ community to KKK – ThinkProgress

WY GOP Lawmaker: I Support the Death Penalty Since That’s How Jesus Was Executed | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos


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Stories from the Week

Apple and Google Pressured to Dump Saudi App Where Men Track Women Relatives - The New York Times

GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report - POLITICO

Religious Right Pundits: Chief Justice John Roberts a 'Disgrace' and a 'Hack' for Vote to Stay Anti-Abortion Law | Right Wing Watch

The State of the Q-nion | Right Wing Watch

Rick Wiles: Tom Brady Is 'Sleeping With a Witch' | Right Wing Watch

Cory Daniel: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Ritual to Moloch | Right Wing Watch

New Anti-Gay Group Launched with Smears, Conspiracy Theories, Attacks on Congressional Black Caucus and Civil Rights Hero John Lewis | Right Wing Watch



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Resources from this episode

Check out the Innocence Project 

The Death Penalty — Civics 101: A Podcast

An Execution in Nebraska - The New York Times

Perfect Evidence - This American Life

DIY - This American Life

Should the Wrongfully Convicted Take an Alford Plea? - The Atlantic 

Can You Prove Your Innocence Without DNA? - The Atlantic

The Wrong Man - The Atlantic 

Jailing the Wrong Man: Mug Shot Searches Persist in New York, Despite Serious Risks - The New York Times

DNA Evidence Exonerates a Man of Murder After 20 Years in Prison - The New York Times

Was It a False Confession in ‘Making a Murderer’? The Supreme Court May Decide - The New York Times

Abolish the Death Penalty | All Debates | Debate | IQ2US Debates Watch Ken Burns: The Central Park Five | Prime Video

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