Cognitive Dissonance
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Call to prayer:

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Bahamian lawmaker proposes exile for transgender people

Pastor who gave "spiritual discipline" by spanking the bottoms of female congregation members jailed

Glenn Beck Says God Must Punish America For Rejecting Ted Cruz Because 'He Ain't A Bad Dad'

Gordon Klingenschmitt Ties Himself In Knots Trying To Defend Discrimination Against Atheists

Trump's Team: The Bigoted, Unhinged Conspiracy Theorists Benefiting From Donald Trump's Campaign

Hatebeak - Bird Seeds of Vengeance

Dogma Debate

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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Gays Will 'Demand To Have Sex In Your Guest Bedroom'

The Vatican Just Put a Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish

San Diego priest who pleaded guilty to sexual battery finds new home at Oklahoma parish

Church Militant claims God gave his mother cancer so that he would stop being gay

Todd Starnes And 'One Million Moms' Scarred By Lesbian Kiss

Alabama preacher says sex is the biggest reason for homelessness, abuse and lowers your IQ

Glenn Beck Explains Why God Is Dragging Out The GOP Primary All The Way To The Convention

Glenn Beck: Mocking Me For Asking For Fasting And Prayer Is A Sign That America Is 'Done' -

Glenn Beck: 'You Will Never Have Another Republican President Ever Again'

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Pat Boone: The Government Should Outlaw Blasphemy And Punish Saturday Night Live If It Blasphemes Again

Ted Cruz Won't Stop Lying About LGBT People

Family doctor 'repeatedly bungled baby's religious circumcision then tried to bribe family into not taking action'

Oklahoma GOPer Suggests God Will Pay For Costly Legal Battle Over Abortion Ban

Ted Cruz releases ad attacking Trump for supporting transgender rights

Glenn Beck Is Going To Write A Contemporary History Book About How America Was Lost ... By Not Electing Ted Cruz

Malaysia school shuts after 'mass hysteria' outbreak

Bizarre: Girl Chops Off Her Tongue To 'Offer' It To Lord Shiva In Chhattisgarh

Paranoia-Rama: Sharia Law Is Here, Civil War And Slavery Are Coming

Linda Harvey: LGBT Movement Helping Turn Kids Into 'Sexual Barbarians'

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