Cognitive Dissonance

Episode 210: Best if Used by – Tony: Released on Feb. 25

Lawmaker asks if swallowed camera be used for female exam


Episode 211: OJ… Purple Stuff… OH! Bloody D!: March 2

De Blasio to end Metzitzah consent forms


Episode 213: The Burning Bush: March 12

In the Footsteps of the Prophet, Australian Muslim Marries a Child — and Pays the Price For It


Episode 214: Corn Hub, March 16

Family of 14 escape Christian cult where birth control was banned


Episode 220: That’s the Kicky One, April, 13

Pat Robertson: Forbid soccer on Sundays and God will make your kids rich like Chick-fil-A


Episode 228: Do You Even Life Bro?, May 25

Mum charged with murder after diluting her breast milk


Episode 231: I Can Count to 104!, June 15

Pat Robertson: Comfort grieving mom by saying God stopped her dead baby from becoming next Hitler


Episode 250: I Ate My Arms, Sept. 21

Glenn Beck: A 'Massive Crisis' Is Coming That Will Unleash The Worst Evil The World Has Ever Seen


Episode 253: Incompetent on Every Level of Life, Oct. 5

Polygamist sect limits sex to 'seed bearers,' court document says


Episode 255: Keep Your Chin Up, Oct 19

Air Force Personnel's Father Killed by Mob Near Delhi Over Beef Rumours


Episode 257: Andy and Marsh from MSS, Oct 26

Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Opal Covey


Episode 261: Love of Water Balloons, Nov 23


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Evangelical couple begs God to strike critics dead over child abuse claims

Trump: Christians' 'Power Is Being Taken Away' In America

Sultan of Brunei bans Christmas 'because it could damage faith of Muslims'

Shield: Signal Proof Headwear

Bryan Fischer Says Dinosaurs Were Just Giant, 1,000-Year-Old Lizards

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This Greek bishop wants Christians to 'spit' on gay people: 'They are freaks of nature!'

Christian Preacher Says He Will Soon Release Video Evidence of Raising People from the Dead

Right-Wing Activist Warns Foreclosed Homes Will Soon House 100 Million Muslim Refugees -

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Ted Nugent Says He Would Make A Great President, Would Have Launched Jewish Rebellion Against The Holocaust

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Episode 265: Take My Boy!

San Diego priest who covered up sex assault placed in charge of sex abuse hotline

Liberty University President Draws Concern After Telling Students: ‘We Could End Those Muslims’ With Guns

Nevada Assemblywoman Generously Offers to Shoot Syrian Refugees Herself

U.S. Strategy Seeks to Avoid ISIS Prophecy

Here's What Happens When People Think Bible Passages Are From The Quran

Baptist pastor commands wives to ‘submit’: The ‘feminist rebellion’ is destroying America

Donald Trump wants to close up the Internet

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Marco Rubio: The United States is Governed by God, Not the Constitution (Video)

Will Evangelist Who Called For The Assassination of Abortion Providers Be Prosecuted?

Fischer: Planned Parenthood Shooter May Have Been 'Tanked Up On Pot'

Jim Bakker Blames Witches For Televangelists' Scandals

Michael Savage Threatens To Leave America For Russia Because It's 'The Best Country Left On The Planet'

‘Women are fit only to deliver children’, says Kerala cleric

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Jonathan Cahn: Paris Attack Was God's Punishment For France's Palestinian Activism

Teen Islamic State pin-up girl changes her mind, is ‘beaten to death’


Mike Huckabee Makes Up False Claim As Proof 'There Is A War On The Christian Faith In This Country'

Were fake bomb detectors used by hotel security in Sharm el-Sheikh?

Ashraf Fayadh: Saudi Arabia to 'sue' Twitter user describing Palestinian poet's death sentence as 'Isis-like'

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