Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Trump Says He’ll Delay Speech Until After Shutdown, as Democrats Draft Border Security Plan - The New York Times

Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada drinks wine, eats bacon in Snapchat images | Newshub

Anti-vax movement makes 2019 list of top global health threats, but that's not the whole story

Trump Administration Allows South Carolina to Discriminate

White House patronizes 'freshman' AOC to Fox News -- and tells her to leave climate change up to God

New York passes law allowing abortions at any time if mother's health is at risk - CBS News

Iowa's 'fetal heartbeat' abortion ban ruled unconstitutional


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Stories from the Week

Steve King Still Has Backing in Iowa, but Even Supporters Say ‘He’s Done’ - The New York Times

Indiana GOP Legislator Sponsors Bill to Teach Creationism in Public Schools | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Karen Pence Is Working At A School That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids | HuffPost

This website gives me the willies. It’s like a Christian ‘Stepford Wives.’ | Rick Snedeker

Christian charity provided money to Russians attending National Prayer Breakfast amid influence campaign: report

Rick Joyner: California Wildfires Were 'The Result of Your Sin' | Right Wing Watch

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Stories from the Week

Trump Trying to Sell Americans a Wall Was Eerily Predicted in a 1950s TV Show

Australia Will Consider Granting Asylum To Saudi Woman Who Fears For Her Life : NPR

Evangelicals are lobbying against anti-lynching law because it includes LGBTQ people / LGBTQ Nation

Pastor Who Praised Pulse Nightclub Gunman Resigns After Allegedly Paying for Sex - The New York Times

James Dobson Wants You to Pray and Fast to Protect Trump from Impeachment | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor sentenced to 30-yr jail, others double lifer for raping, forcing minors into prostitution | india news | Hindustan Times

When a bishop says Earth is the only planet, our schools agree - Cyprus Mail

Steve King asks how terms 'white nationalist' and 'white supremacist' became offensive | TheHill

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Took Her Oath of Office on a Lawbook, Not the Bible | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

 Christian Bale Thanks 'Satan for the Inspiration' During Golden Globe Win for Playing Dick Cheney   | Entertainment Tonight

Elderly, conservatives shared more Facebook fakery in 2016


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Meet the New Freshmen in Congress Being Sworn In Today

Rudy Giuliani Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist Because He Doesn't Understand The Internet | HuffPost

Alex Jones Says Trump Will 'Strike Back Against the Pedophile Rings' in 2019 | Right Wing Watch

Trump Claims Most Furloughed Government Workers Are 'Democrats' | Fortune

Trump Said Federal Workers Support Shutdown. Not True, Say Unions | Time

Bill Mitchell Explains How Trump Is Like Abraham, David, Solomon, and Han Solo | Right Wing Watch

Trump Supporters Want to Buy 'The Wall' Themselves | Right Wing Watch

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