Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Representative for Known Child Sex Abuse Ring Warns About Dangers of Satanism

Barnaby Joyce suggests God is the solution to climate change in Christmas video

Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he pardoned a child rapist because the victim's hymen was intact.

John Guandolo: The US Should Bomb Mecca in Retaliation for Pensacola Shooting

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Stories from the Week

'Touch Not the Anointed': Lance Wallnau Prays Against the Effort to Impeach Trump | Right Wing Watch

Mormon Church accused of stockpiling billions, avoiding taxes - CNN

Missouri church leader tried to pay for sex on Grindr with Arby’s card

#wakeupolive: California church prays to Jesus for girl's resurrection

‘Kill the gays’ pastor suggests climate activist Greta Thunberg is demonically possessed and ‘needs Jesus’ – Raw Story

Facebook ads are spreading lies about anti-HIV drug PrEP. The company won't act | Technology | The Guardian

Tennessee deputy forces baptism, gropes Chattanooga woman: Lawsuit

Lindsey Graham says he's not trying to be a "fair juror" in impeachment trial - Axios

Jim Bakker: 'America Is Not Even Going to Be Worth Living In' if Trump is Impeached | Right Wing Watch

Sheila Zilinsky Calls on God to Unleash Billions of 'Mighty Warrior Angels' to Protect Trump From Impeachment | Right Wing Watch

Tom Horn Knows the Real Reason Behind the Creation of Trump's Space Force | Right Wing Watch

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The great American labor paradox: Plentiful jobs, most of them bad

Rick Wiles: 'We've Allowed Kabbalah-Practicing Jews to Defile the Nation'

Dave Daubenmire: 'The Jews Should Be Begging to Become Christians'

Chris McDonald: 'If They Committed Treason, They Need to Swing From Nooses'

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Johnny Enlow: God Is Using Trump to Separate History into Before Trump and After Trump Eras


Nepal’s mass animal slaughter begins despite outcry


Federal agency will be run by man who tried to ban feeding homeless


Buffalo's Bishop Richard Malone resigns after a year of pressure and Buffalo Bishop Resigns After Scandal Over Secret List of Abusive Priests 


New wave of sexual-abuse lawsuits could cost Catholic Church more than $4 billion


Augusto Perez: If You Oppose Trump, You Need Fasting and Prayer 'Because Something Is Wrong in You'


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Trump: Why Wasn’t Suffrage Centennial Observed ‘Years Ago?’

The GOP Is Mired in Conspiracies—and It's About to Get Worse | WIRED

Dave Daubenmire: Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff Are Either Demon-Possessed or 'Non-Human' | Right Wing Watch

'Jew Coup': Impeachment Effort Prompts Another Anti-Semitic Tirade from Rick Wiles | Right Wing Watch

Donald Trump criticises impeachment witness for failing to hang his photo while ambassador


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