Cognitive Dissonance

This is our live show from Manchester at QED this year. There are some sight gags in the beginning that don’t translate well, but that doesn’t go on throughout. Stay after the outro for some pre-show mic check with the crowd. Some of it is a little hard to hear but it was fun.

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Ken Ham: Christians Who Believe In Evolution Follow A ‘Pagan Religion’ & Invite God’s Judgment

Pastor kills himself after mistakenly sending his nude photos intended for his mistress to church members instead

Birmingham street preacher guilty of abusing woman over 'tight jeans'

Ted Cruz Tries To Justify Trump Endorsement To A Furious Glenn Beck

Jesse Lee Peterson: 'Any Man Who Has Anger Is A Woman'

Angry black rant:

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Jim Bakker: Supporters Of The Constitution Are Mysteriously Dying

Tom DeLay And J.D. Hayworth Worry Internet Transition Will Be Used To Hack The Election

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Democrats Rely On Votes Of 'Them Who Have No Regard For The Law,' 'People That Can’t Speak English'

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Demonic Spirits At ABC Are 'Bringing Sodomy' Upon America


Modest Needs:

Scathing Atheist:

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Episode 320: What Would JT Do?


Catholic Church’s top exorcist passes away before ridding the world of Harry Potter.

Bryan Fischer: Diversity And Multiculturalism Are God's Curse Upon America Because We Have Become Utterly Evil

Jesse Lee Peterson: Intellectuals Are 'Absolute Nutcases'

Robert Maginnis: Witches 'Advise The Senior Leadership Of The Country'


JT’s Bog:


Tactical advice from the Dami Lama:


Thanks to Joseph for this image. 

And a big thanks to Mike for creating this amazing illustration of The Donald as a dental doll bobble head in reference to our previous episode with Chris Matheson. 

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Thanks to Noah, Heath and Eli  and the Scibabe for joining us. Thanks to Chris Matheson, author of the Story of God.




Edinburgh Meetup:

Glasgow Meetup:

Story of God on Amazon:

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