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Foster called in,  -

Places to pronounce:

1.         Llanelli
2.         Machynlleth
3.         Aberdaugleddau
4.         Castell-nedd
5.         Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

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Islamists in North Mali Stone Couple to Death

Indonesian police arrest 62 over Ramadan bar attack

11 nabbed for not fasting — Daud

Kuwait police arrest, detain man for drinking in public during Ramadan

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged  

Florida man kills door-to-door salesman: I’ll kill anybody that steps on my property

Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment

Deuteronomy 22:28-29 (This week in Bronze Age Ethics)

GOP Rep. Steve King Defends Dog Fighting

Dutchman builds replica Noah's Ark after flood dream

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Female Genital Mutilation might be illegal, but it still takes place in the UK
Four Iranian men sentenced to death by hanging for sodomy
JC Penney Features Same-Sex Couple in May Catalogue
Church sues woman for $500,000 after negative Google review
Faith healers’ found not guilty on second degree murder charges
How Prayer Ended the Drought in Texas and Stopped the BP Oil Spill
Paul Cameron suggests Obama is gay, demands gays be imprisoned before they rape kids
Cops: Pastor Hid Cameras In Church Bathroom

Beginning clip: Christopher Hitchens

Clips: Jesus Camp, Allahu Akbar, Ellen vs 1,000,000 Moms, Three Stooges, Right Wing Watch on Prayer in Texas, The Simpsons A Few Good Men.

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We have a guest, Reap from Reapsow Radio and The Angry Atheist.

PURITY BEAR SEZ: KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, Pope warns of ‘radical secularism’, Atheist Temple: Nonbelievers To Get Place Of 'Worship' In UK, Rick Santorum: Left uses college for "indoctrination", Rick Santorum On Opposition To Abortion In Cases Of Rape: 'Make The Best Out Of A Bad Situation', Santorum Promises To Outlaw Gay Civil Marriage Because It Does Not Reflect ‘God’s Will For Us’, Oklahoma GOP Introduces Bill That Attacks Evolution And Climate Change, Nigeria's "witch children" find refuge at center, Tennessee Rep. Says It’s ‘Virtually Impossible’ To Contract AIDS Through Heterosexual Sex, North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Calls For Bringing Back Public Hangings, Starting With Abortion Providers, Yes, the Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism

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Psychic Fails: 2011 Failed and Forgotten Predictions, The $37.6 Million Dollar Fine HE Doesn’t Want You To Know About, 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard, Pope Benedict Peace Message Calls For Wealth Redistribution, Vatican Declares Boy's Recovery A 'Miracle', Dad who botched circumcision loses court appeal, Baby’s death shocks parents, EXPERIENCE HOW PROFESSIONAL BIGFOOT TRACKERS OPERATE IN WEEKEND EXPEDITIONS

Clips: Kevin Trudeau, Ghost Busters, Jesus Camp, A Few Good Men.Michelle Bachmann.

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