Cognitive Dissonance

Between the laughter, Tom and Cecil discuss recent and disturbing news about the death of a girl banished for menstruating and the Satanist 'Cum Rags for Congress' political statement. Lastly, we get to hear quizzes from the next chapter in David Icke's book, The Biggest Secret.

Stories covered in episode: 

Nepal police investigate death of girl banished for menstruating

Man behind Satanic pentagram in Boca Raton is a middle school teacher

'Cum Rags for Congress': Satanists Protest Texas Abortion Law with Semen Socks

New York man jailed for 30 years over X-ray weapon designed to harm Muslims

Tom DeLay: God Has Given The Religious Right A ‘Clean Slate’ To Reshape America Via President Trump

Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Evil’ LGBT Rights Are Destroying America

Alex Jones: Kanye West Met With Trump To Escape The Illuminati

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We interview Scott about his latest project "Suspect Convictions"
The show will be available in early January.
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Thanks to our guest, Thomas from Thomas and The Bible, Atheistically Speaking, Comedy Shoeshine, Opening Arguments....and probably ten more podcasts we can't remember...

Congrats to Thomas for finally finishing The Bible, check out his video here:

Stories covered in the episode:


Join us and the GAM crew in Chicago Jan 13th. The show is selling out fast! 

Li'l Despots - Thanks Kernan!

How to actually drink Eggnog: 


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"There is no such thing anymore as fact because it's all subjective"....what!? 

Tom and Cecil talk about a recent episode of The Diane Rehm Show where guest Scottie Nell Hughes discusses her ideas on facts. They also discuss Alex Jones and "Pizzagate" and why Math only works because Jesus created it.

RWW News: Alex Jones On Pizzagate, Coprophilia And Fake News

The Comet Ping Pong Gunman Answers Our Reporter’s Questions

How Journalists Are Rethinking Their Role Under A Trump Presidency

Christian Homeschooling Advocate: “The Only Reason Math Works Is That Jesus Created It”

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Tom and Cecil have Talk Nerdy host Cara Santa Maria on the show. They talk about the rise of “fake-news” and how personal biases can influence how we consume media.  

About Cara: 

Cara Santa Maria is a Los Angeles Area Emmy and Knight Foundation Award-winning journalist, science communicator, television personality, producer, and podcaster.

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We had the honor of having Dan Arel on the show last week. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we lost the recording. Thankfully Dan was super cool and understanding and agreed to come back on the show in January. Tom and Cecil cover some of the stories they recorded with Dan from his blog Danthropology.


Homeschooling Christian Mother Can’t Handle Her Son Seeing a Male CoverGirl Model on TV

The men who claim to be Africa's 'miracle workers'

Planned Parenthood has received more than 50,000 donations in Mike Pence’s name

Televangelist Jim Bakker: God Will Punish Counties That Voted for Hillary Clinton With Earthquakes

Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam

No, Hillary Clinton did not try and ban flag burning in 2005

Minority President-Elect Trump claims ‘millions of people’ voted illegally

A Scientific Approach To Distinguishing Real From Fake News

Check out info on our live show with GAM in Chicago:

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