Cognitive Dissonance

Pastor Charles Worley's Anti-Gay Rant Goes Viral, Says Homosexuals Should "Die Out"
Anderson Cooper Does Not Take Pity on Woman Who Tries to Defend Gay-Bashing Pastor
Obama spending binge never happened
Tortured Afghan teen on attackers: 'The same should be done to them'
Official: 122 girls, 3 teachers poisoned at Afghan school
Rep. Walter Jones likens church tax rule to Communism
A Year After the Non-Apocalypse: Where Are They Now?
One Million Moms targets DC, Marvel over gay storylines
"Unorthodox" priest still practising after sexually abusing woman

Beginning clip: Pastor Charles Worley

Clips: Anderson Cooper, Obama Audiobook, Allahu Akbar, Michelle Bachmann, Ellen vs. 1M Moms, Jesus Camp + Blue Suade

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Female Genital Mutilation might be illegal, but it still takes place in the UK
Four Iranian men sentenced to death by hanging for sodomy
JC Penney Features Same-Sex Couple in May Catalogue
Church sues woman for $500,000 after negative Google review
Faith healers’ found not guilty on second degree murder charges
How Prayer Ended the Drought in Texas and Stopped the BP Oil Spill
Paul Cameron suggests Obama is gay, demands gays be imprisoned before they rape kids
Cops: Pastor Hid Cameras In Church Bathroom

Beginning clip: Christopher Hitchens

Clips: Jesus Camp, Allahu Akbar, Ellen vs 1,000,000 Moms, Three Stooges, Right Wing Watch on Prayer in Texas, The Simpsons A Few Good Men.

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Thanks to Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist Experience [Non-Prophets, Godless Bitches] for joining us.

A challenge to atheists part 2
The “Biggest Mistake” America Ever Made Was Letting Women Vote
North Carolina passes same-sex marriage ban, CNN projects
Travesty in Tennessee: Death by faith healing gets a misdemeanor
Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry
Is the tide turning against the killing of 'cursed' infants in Ethiopia?
Archbishop Antonio Mennini, Pope's Representative, Calls For Christians, Jews, Muslims To Unite Against Gay Marriage
Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Beginning clip: Atheist Experience

Clips: Michelle Bachmann, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Jesus Camp, Grocery Money Evangelist, Jesus Camp / Blue Suede

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Thanks to Jake from The Imaginary Friends Show Podcast. You can check out his show here, and his book here.

Video: Amendment 1 pastor gives parents 'special dispensation' to use violence against LGBT kids!!!
Cardinal Brady will not resign over 'abuse failure'
For Catholics, a Door to Absolution Is Reopened
Religious blogs have a higher malware risk than porn, study finds
Tennessee Passes Abstinence-Based “Gateway Sexual Activity” Bill
Religious Beliefs Killed Boy, Kept Parents From Seeking Care
Report: Fifteen Percent Of Earth’s Population Believes the World Is Coming To An End In Their Lifetime and Ten Percent Believe The Time Is Now
Jesus lives: altar wine prevents goat sacrifice

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