Cognitive Dissonance

I.R.S. Memo Undercuts Mnuchin on Withholding Trump’s Tax Returns - The New York Times

2020 Democrats on Impeachment: Where They Stand - The New York Times

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment | Environment | The Guardian

Conservatives’ junk science is having real consequences - The Washington Post

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. - The New York Times

Meeke Addison: Pete Buttigieg 'Engages in Violent Sexual Acts' | Right Wing Watch

'More Power To Him': Mark Taylor Predicts Trump Will Impose Martial Law to Round Up His Political Enemies | Right Wing Watch

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How You Can Help

How to Help Fight Against Abortion Bans in Alabama, Georgia


Stories from the week

Ahead of Alabama abortion bill debate, Lieutenant Governor fights against rape and incest exceptions

Alabama Governor Signs Abortion Law Banning Most Abortions |

Alabama Legislators Refuse to Fund Mother and Child Health Care as They Ban Nearly All Abortions

Alabama 'has gone too far' with 'extreme' abortion bill, Pat Robertson says | Fox News

The Supreme Court now has cover to cut back on reproductive rights without having to overturn ‘Roe’ - The Washington Post

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Texas lawmaker calls vaccines 'sorcery,' verbally attacks prominent advocate - Houston Chronicle

Falwell Urges Barr to Prosecute Those Who Launched Mueller Investigation | Right Wing Watch

Michael Cohen says he helped Jerry Falwell Jr. handle racy photos

 Anti-vaxx Kentucky teen who sued over unvaccinated chickenpox ban now has chickenpox

Reporter dragged away after confronting televangelist: ‘Why do you need a $54 million jet?’ – DeadState

Bryan Fischer: The Solution to Climate Change is to 'Repent of Our Sin' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Hurricane Maria Was Created to Generate Refugees Who Will 'Turn Florida Blue' | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Satan Uses Chemtrails to Block 'God's Frequency' | Right Wing Watch

Baby Shark Death Metal
Oily Bible
Mueller Report Audible
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Stories from the Week

Two HIV Cases Linked to Spa That Gave Trendy 'Vampire Facials'

Police: Man plowed his car into crowd because he thought they were Muslim – ThinkProgress

Christian Site: 5G Technology Will Bring The Antichrist - Joe.My.God.

Kat Kerr Used 'Heaven's Oil' to Anoint Israel and Guarantee Netanyahu's Re-Election | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor: Notre Dame Fire Was God's Judgment to Expose Its Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking | Right Wing Watch

Sri Lanka Easter bombings retaliation for Christchurch mosque shootings, says official

US measles cases hit highest mark in 25 years

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