Cognitive Dissonance

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This Satanic Abortion Clinic Named After Samuel Alito Jr.'s Mom Might Beat Abortion Bans

Botox, Ferragamo and OnlyFans: How George Santos allegedly spent his campaign funds

Pastors Wife Spanked Her Toddler For Not Being Happy To See Her | YourTango

Guess Who Just Brought Back Pizzagate? | The New Republic

The Far Right Is Loving Elon Musk's Comments About Jewish Groups Corrupting 'the West'

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How to talk to older people in your life about scams | AP News

It’s Official: With “Vermin,” Trump Is Now Using Straight-up Nazi Talk | The New Republic

Trump Was ‘Not Going To Leave’ Oval Office, Lawyer Testifies | HuffPost Latest News

What does a Jordan Peterson conference say about the future of climate change? Apparently we’re headed towards ‘human flourishing’ | Graham Readfearn | The Guardian

Uh-Oh: Giuliani’s “Biden Sources” Charged With Being Putin Agents | The New Republic

Liberal and moderate candidates take control of school boards in contentious races across US | AP News

Ohio Republicans Say It's Their 'God Given Right' to Restrict Abortion Access

(non rolling stone link: Ohio Republicans Say It’s Their ‘God Given Right’ to Restrict Abortion Access.)

Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell Captured on Tape Spilling to Prosecutors

WV prison finally releases atheist inmate denied parole for refusing to profess Christianity

Kevin McCarthy 'Shoves' Republican Colleague, Sparking Chase

GOP Senator Tries to Physically Fight Union Boss During Hearing

Offering to fight union leader was just ‘Oklahoma values’, senator claims | Republicans | The Guardian

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UPDATE: Former State Senator Ray Holmberg pleads not guilty to federal CP charges - KVRR Local News

MAGA supporters promised 'Trump Bucks' wealth lose thousands

Kyrsten Sinema’s Delusional Exit Interview | The New Republic

Huge Clarence Thomas RV loan forgiven by wealthy businessman, Senate investigation finds

Sarah Huckabee Sanders lowest approval rating for governor in last 20 years, Arkansas Poll says

Trump, his adult children expected to testify in N.Y. fraud trial soon

Speaker Mike Johnson wanted to criminalize sodomy & called gay marriage the "harbinger of chaos" - LGBTQ Nation

New York Republicans Offer Motion to Expel George Santos From Congress

Face masks ward off covid-19, so why are we still arguing about it? | New Scientist

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