Cognitive Dissonance

Idaho woman born with hole in heart wants parents prosecuted

Gay North Carolina waitress reveals that customers ‘tipped’ her with Bible verse calling for her death

Prosecutor says rape case is threatened by BYU Honor Code investigation

Pope Francis: It’s aggressive narcissism to teach kids about safe sex and protection

Harlem Hate Pastor: God Told Me All Sodomites Will Get Cancer Of The Butthole Starting Today [VIDEO]

Alex Jones: GOP's Treatment Of Donald Trump 'Makes Jim Crow Look Like A Blessing'

Kamal Saleem: Liberals, Gays, Socialists And Islamists Working Together To Destroy Civilization

Did Satanic Giants Build Stonehenge?

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Cruz Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He 'Denounced' Radical 'Kill-The-Gays' Pastor

Glenn Beck Claims That Ted Cruz 'Chewed Out' His Staff For Allowing Him To Appear At Kevin Swanson's 'Kill The Gays' Rally -

Jim Bakker: Decorate Your Living Room With Food Buckets!

Glenn Beck Says Nobody Can Understand The Moses-Like Burden That Ted Cruz Carries

'We Are Toast': Glenn Beck Does Not Appreciate Being Mocked For Warning About Baal Worship

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Gwyneth Paltrow's bee sting beauty treatment just won't fly


Grandpa dies of cancer after seeking treatment from quack chiropractor


David Barton Claims That 'Biblical Teachings' Have Reduced Violent Crime In Las Vegas By 75 Percent


Dying mom begged for doctor after home birth — but hospital-hating midwife gave her herbs instead


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Rick Wiles: Muslims Have Taken Over America!

Cruz's Call To 'Patrol And Secure Muslim Neighborhoods' Echoes Demands Of Extremist Advisers

Alex Jones Proves Obama Is Demonic: A Fly Once Landed On Him

Colorado Republican Senate Candidate: Fracking Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes; God Does!

Sharon Slater: Sex Ed Is Planned Parenthood Plot To Make Money Off HIV Treatments & Condoms

Pastor fails to resurrect after telling people to bury him alive

Bryan Fischer: Woman Who Have Abortions Should Not Be Punished Because They Don't Know Any Better

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Gov. Pence signs controversial abortion restriction bill into law

Woman WHIPPED by Sharia police until she PASSES OUT for having sex at Brit tourist hotspot

Teachers burn 'devil-worshipping' student in Nairobi

The crux of the matter: The Filipinos crucified on Good Friday

UPDATE: Pastor abandons sealed coffin, will use tent instead

Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz Is Divinely Anointed And Has Been 'Raised From Birth' To Save This Nation

Jim Bakker: Government Will 'Mow Down' Christians For Praying

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