Cognitive Dissonance

Mysterious City In The Sky Gets Conspiracy Theorists Abuzz

Witchcraft claims against children in Congo DRC reflect curse of poverty

Bride presents father with 'certificate of purity' on her wedding day

Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Opal Covey

Barton: Teach Riflery In Public Schools To Eliminate Gun Violence And Accidents

Right-Wing Pundits: Bernie Sanders' Popularity Is A Sign of The End Times

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No notes. Call in show,

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Episode 255: Keep Your Chin Up


Force Dental Technician Fired For Being A ‘Hindu Witch’


Michelle Duggar: Wife Must Always Submit To Husband’s Sexual Desire


Christian Crusader Explains How, in His Future Theocracy, Dissenters Will Be Put to Death


Michele Bachmann: Carolina Flooding Is God's Wrath For U.S. Israel Policy


Televangelist: Satanic temples are hidden in Planned Parenthood clinics as ‘legal cover’ for child sacrifice


The Definitive Ranking of Insanely Awesome Christian Album Covers

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Florida candidate for U.S. Senate admits to sacrificing goat, drinking its blood

Priest ‘pointed musket’ at 8-year-old over Giants-Cowboys rivalry

Christians ‘serious about their faith’ should consider getting guns, Lt. Gov. says

Ben Carson: 'Body With Bullet Holes' Preferable to Gun Control

Michael Savage Suggests UCC Shooting Was An Obama Conspiracy To Distract From Syrian Civil War

Rick Wiles Suggests The UCC Shooting Was 'Staged' By 'A Secret Death Squad' Using 'Crisis Actors'

Tennessee County May Ask God To Spare Them And Smite Someone Else

Christian group predicts the world will be 'annihilated' on Wednesday

'We Will Beg The Lord Above To Destroy Us': Glenn Beck Freaks Out Over The Removal Of Ten Commandments Monument

Jim Bakker: My Black Underwear Signals God's Wrath On America

Orthodox Priest Suspended for Making Kinky "Cake Sitting" Porn Tapes with His School Principal

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Antigay Indiana Lawmaker Resigns After Sex Tape Text

Polygamist sect limits sex to 'seed bearers,' court document says

Air Force Personnel's Father Killed by Mob Near Delhi Over Beef Rumours

Fischer: All Immigrants Are Welcome in America, Provided They Convert To Christianity

'This Is The Time Of Persecution!': Glenn Beck Has Another Meltdown

The September Doomsday Bust: 'Prophets' Blow Claims About Series Of Calamities

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Congressman Steals Pope Francis' Water, Brags About It


Maine mayor: ‘Name and shame’ welfare recipients so special needs kids will stay out my state


Paranoia-Rama: Obama's Election Theft, Pope Francis' Diabolical Scheme And Cashing-In On Kim Davis


Bachmann: God May Destroy America Over Gay Marriage Just Like Sodom


Pastor Has Epic Freakout When He's Protested For His Hate


Michele Bachmann Lies About Drowned Syrian Boy To Attack Refugees


Charitable Misgivings: Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donate $992.2 million to Planned Parenthood?


'Lesbian Obesity Study' Significance, Outcome Divides Media Outlets


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