Cognitive Dissonance

Seattle man ordered to repay $7m for running online prayer scam

Cruz-Aligned Pastor: Execute Girl Scout Leaders For 'Promoting Homosexuality'

Glenn Beck: Failure To Elect Ted Cruz Will Leave Us Will Blood On Our Hands

Pat Robertson: Even Recordings Of My TV Show Can Heal You!

David Duke: Donald Trump Comparisons May Rehabilitate Adolf Hitler's Image

Paranoia-Rama: Donald Trump Edition

Glenn Beck: 'The Constitution Comes' And 'All Of A Sudden We Have Microwave Ovens'

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Texas lawmaker billed taxpayers for trip to Oklahoma to get pain-relieving ‘Jesus shot’

Married teacher and Texas church leader 'hosted sex parties for teen boys where he made them strip and perform sexual acts'

Rabbi Berland: Those With iPhones Will Have Autistic Children And Have Brain Impairments; Wives Must Divorce Husbands

Atheist group plans ‘Genocide and Incest Park’ billboard campaign to troll creationist ‘Ark’

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Pro-gun mum Jamie Gilt will never give up her guns despite being shot by son, family say

Rafael Cruz: Atheism leads to child molestation and perversity

Rafael Cruz Brings Up Nazi Germany In Rant Against Marriage Equality

Paranoia-Rama: Trump Embraces Sandy Hook Truther, Obama's 'Hate Crimes' And World War III Is Imminent

Rick Joyner Mathematically 'Proves' We're In The End Times

Gwyneth Paltrow is Now Promoting Skincare Products That Have Been Meditated Over


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Toddler died from meningitis after anti-vaxx parents treated him with maple syrup instead of medicine

‘Pro-life’ Idaho Republican thinks parents have a religious right to let kids die from treatable illness

Prophet Charges Lion To Prove God’s Power, Nearly Killed, Saved By Game Rangers

David Barton And Michele Bachmann Explain Why Christians Must Only Elect 'God-Conscious People'

Boykin's Defense of 'Religious Freedom' Includes Violent Anti-Trans Rhetoric

'Mama, What Were You Doing When Our America Fell To Tyranny?

Donald Trump Doubles Down On Torture After His Campaign Renounced It


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Thanks to Jake from IFS for visiting with us:

Christian Pastor Defends Slavery Because the Bible Condones It

Catholic hospitals wrestle with assisted death

Cruz’s evangelical backer seeks to convert Jews, predicts new concentration camps 1:12

‘Everybody knew’: Neighbors not shocked after Ohio pastor charged with raping parishioners

Right-Wing Pastor: Legal Abortion To Blame For Mysterious Eagle Deaths

Glenn Beck: God Allowed Scalia To Die In Order To Highlight The Importance Of Electing Ted Cruz

Bryan Fischer Says That Every Abortion Is 'Like Food For Demons'

'Get A Brain': Michele Bachmann Says A 'Biblical Basis For Society' Is The Key To Happiness

Pat Robertson: 'Insane' To Discuss Transgender Rights While 'Facing Thermonuclear Annihilation'

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