Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Steve King compares himself to Jesus after his censuring over racist language - The Washington Post

Anti-gay Christian activist: People like me ‘will be hated’ if Pete Buttigieg becomes president – DeadState

Jewish effigy hanged and burned in ‘disturbing’ Easter ritual in Poland | The Independent

Bill Mitchell: The Mueller Investigation Was 'Political Judo' by Trump | Right Wing Watch

Dave Daubenmire: 'The Holy Spirit Has Issued an Indictment' Against Hillary Clinton | Right Wing Watch

The Duggars Renamed "Deviled Eggs" Which Sparked A Huge Debate About Eggs And Satan

Kuwaiti academic claims semen-eating anal worms cause homosexuality

The only thing that should follow i'm not racist, but... is I do live in a system of institutionalized racism that I absorb & actively benefit from<span id=" width="100%" />

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Stories from the Week

Yoga Does Not Make Inmates Gay, Says Russian Prison Chief as Classes Are Reinstated

Will Brunei's anti-LGBT Sharia law spread across southeast Asia? - CNN

'Justice Is Coming': Mark Taylor Issues An Alarming Prophecy | Right Wing Watch

Stefan Molyneux: White Civilization Is Being Pulled Down Because Other Races Feel They Can't Compete | Right Wing Watch

Cory Daniel: New Zealand Muslim Massacre Was an Illuminati Plot to 'Take White People Down' | Right Wing Watch

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Fox Refers to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as ‘Three Mexican Countries’

Stefan Molyneux: The Mueller Investigation Was Secretly About Immigration | Right Wing Watch

This Colorado sheriff is willing to go to jail rather than enforce a proposed gun law - CNN


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Stories from the Week

The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says

Fox News White House Correspondent Inflames QAnon | Right Wing Watch

Joel Osteen’s protégé says the devil is trying to ‘mute’ him after his mistress releases suggestive voicemails

Josh Bernstein: Hillary Clinton 'Should Be First in Line at the Guillotines' | Right Wing Watch

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