Cognitive Dissonance

Stories from the Week

Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder was tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Large group busted for meat market theft after leaving 'trail of meat' behind

6 tourists were found self-isolating in a cave near an Indian town made famous by The Beatles after running out of money for hotels

Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus: study

Kenya governor adds bottles of Hennessy to coronavirus care packages

Florida man tried to use fake ‘COVID-19’ sign to dodge arrest, sheriff says

Man Who Bought $10,000 Worth of Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer Denied Refund

Police say 'commander' of Neo-Nazi group linked to planned attack on CNN was only 13 years old

Sex toy sales are skyrocketing because of social distancing


Kenneth Copeland REMIX!


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Stories from the Week

Falwell Focuses on Critics as Coronavirus Cases Near Liberty University Grow

Ninth Circuit Says Man Can't Sue Officers Who Destroyed His Home To Capture An Unarmed Homeless Man

Heroes of the pandemic: Former CEO of RadioShack now an ER doctor on frontlines of COVID-19 fight

Coronavirus: Indonesian village uses 'ghosts' for distancing patrols

Judge to lawyers: Please get out of bed and put on a shirt for Zoom court hearings

Coronavirus Can Spread Through Farts – Report

Chile Counts Those Who Died of Coronavirus as Recovered Because They're 'No Longer Contagious,' Health Minister Says

Defiant pastor who vowed to hold services 'until in jail or hospital' dies of coronavirus

Nightingale Hospital phone mast hit by fire amid 5G Covid-19 theories

Celebs share rumors linking 5G to coronavirus, nutjobs burn cell towers


Farting Around by Kevin MacLeod

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Stories from the Week

Ammon Bundy and other far-right extremists in Idaho vow to defy GOP governor’s social distancing order: report

‘Death is a welcomed friend’: Pastor calls on Christians to defy coronavirus lockdown — even if it kills them

Trump says he will 'look at' pardoning Tiger King's Joe Exotic

Why Hasn't Trump Ordered the Military to 'Seize All Abortion Clinics' and Outlaw Pornography? Rick Wiles Blames Jews

Curt Landry Says Any Coronavirus Vaccine 'Is From the Pit of Hell'

Rick Wiles Says Bill Gates Is 'Building Lucifer's Antichrist System' by Supporting Vaccine Technology 

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Vulgarity for Charity continues! 


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