Cognitive Dissonance

Thousands Sign Petition To Cancel TLC's '19 Kids And Counting' Over Stars' Anti-LGBT Sentiments


House Republicans just passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPA on their own research


Ottawa priest who stole more than $130,000 from church welcomed back after release from jail


Religious extremism main cause of terrorism, according to report


Catholic leaders in St. Paul hid evidence of priest’s child porn collection from police for 16 years


Pat Robertson Cures A Neck Injury Via Text Message


Louie Gohmert Claims Obama And 'Liberal Attack People' Want Violence And Mayhem


Michael Savage: 'Obama Wants To Become Dictator Of The World'

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Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom:


Turkish teen arrested for 'burying sister's boyfriend alive':


If You Had Premarital Sex, This Baptist Pastor and College President Believes You’re a “Filthy Dishrag”:


How to avoid closing your school for Muslim holidays — end Christian and Jewish ones, too:


The Aussie jihadists too fat to fight: Four Sydney brothers recruited to Islamic State:


El Salvador’s Total Abortion Ban Is Driving Pregnant Teens To Commit Suicide:


Evil in Oklahoma: Exorcisms on the rise:


Beck: 'Revolutionaries Will Come And They Will Pull You Out Of Your Car And Shoot You' - See more at:


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Pat Robertson: Single mother is ‘tempting God’ by not getting married

Pat Robertson tells women how to get ‘clean’ after abortions and ‘multiple sex partners’

Christian radio host admits to sexually abusing 11-year-old boy while another man watched

Bachmann-Affiliated Law Firm Warns Federal Court Gay Marriage Leads To Man Marrying Animals

Skeptical Analysis Foos Babe article -

Jehovah’s Witness leader complains: Gay people are plotting to put everyone in ‘tight pants’

Scared mother asks ‘Is there a ghost inside my child?’

Bryan Fischer Suggests Ethnic Cleansing Of Native Americans Justified By God (VIDEO):


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Islamic State crisis: The 13-year-old on 'righteous path'


Iran: MPs propose lashes for dog walkers


Congratulations, Voters. You Just Made This Climate Denier the Most Powerful Senator on the Environment.


Christians claim Death with Dignity activist Brittany Maynard is in Hell


Women should not be allowed to drive because they are “subject to menstruation and pregnancy” which “prevent women from coping with pressure.” – Islamic researcher


Pakistani Christian Couple Burned Alive in Kiln for Torching Quran


NYC pastor pushes fake claim that Starbucks uses ‘sodomites’ semen to ‘flavor up’ lattes

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Special thanks to David Michael from My Book Of Mormon for joining us:

Prison for Afghan mullah who raped a 10-year-old girl inside his mosque:


Malaysian Muslims Wring Hands Over Day of Touching Furry Friends, Wondering If It’s an Insult to Islam:


Legacy pastor fires back on highlighted ballot issue  Read more:


Rick Wiles: Obama Will Threaten Veterans With Ebola, Set Up Ebola 'Re-Education Camps' - See more at:


Man Tries to Obtain Addresses of Strippers So He Can Pray For Them:

The Mormon church finally explains the whole weird underwear thing with this informational video.:


Mormon founder had teen bride during polygamy days:


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